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Introducing the Razer Nostromo: Back and Better Than Ever

Update: Download the Nostromo Drivers for the Mac here.

The Nostromo has returned. We’ve teamed up with Belkin to improve the original N52te design. The result is a fine tuned pad with everything you loved from the original without any of the slack. Boasting 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys, unlimited macro lengths, and a programmable 8-way directional thumb pad and scroll wheel, the Razer Nostromo has also been pimped to include 8 keymaps and 20 gaming profiles.

FPS, RTS, or MMO, it doesn’t matter where you log your stats. This keypad is a worthy addition to your arsenal with its ability to record unlimited macro lengths powered by an all new user interface. Whether you just camp WASD or if a you’re bind-a-holic with more macros than fingers, the Nostromo’s multiple profiles, backlit programmable keys, and 8-way thumb pad is tuned with you in mind. Regardless of your play style, the Razer Nostromo is an extension of your wrist.

Here is how it breaks down:

Ergonomic form factor for precision and maximum comfort:
The Razer Nostromo’s 16-button keypad layout and form factor are ergonomically optimized for easier, highly intuitive access to critical gaming commands, improving your key activation accuracy while letting you game in comfort. And for those marathon sessions, a soft-touch rubberized wrist pad cradles your palm and significantly reduces hand fatigue and wrist strain so you can rain digital death on your opponents without pause or mercy.

16 Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly keymap switching:
Razer Nostromo’s 16 fully-programmable Hyperesponse™ gaming buttons and 8-way directional thumb pad are engineered for rapid key actuation and crisp response. A programmable 8-way directional thumb pad that you can use either for movement or modifier keys rounds off your instruments of mass destruction. In addition, you can switch instantly between 8 keymaps by assigning the different keymap toggles to any button on the keypad.

Customize to your game with Razer’s configurator software:
The Razer Nostromo’s all-new configurator software is as easy to use as it is deadly, allowing you to conveniently customize all the buttons with any game command or key binding to open up a massive repertoire of killer combinations with your fingertips.

Grab it now off of the store and it will ship out the 29th

Update: Download the Nostromo Drivers for the Mac here.

The new Razer Tartarus gaming keypad

Grasp victory and assert dominance with the new Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad. The successor to the fan-favorite and award-winning Razer Nostromo, the Razer Tartarus features an improved ergonomic form-factor with an adjustable wrist pad. Out-maneuver and out-game your opponents through expert keybindings placed across 25 programmable membrane keys (including the 8-way directional thumb pad) with full anti-ghosting.

The thumb pad that allows for precise movement also doubles up as a key modifier that effectively eightfolds your keyset count to provide 128 command options. Break the scales of balance with unlimited macro lengths and game profiles with on-the-fly switching between 8 key maps.

Now Available: www.razerzone.com/tartarus


Great news, Razer fans! We finally arrived in Busan to attend this year’s G-Star 2010 for the first time ever. For those who haven’t heard about G-Star, it’s the biggest gaming exhibition in South Korea, and this year it’s taking place at BEXCO in Busan, South-Korea from 18th- 22nd November. Every year, the top gaming companies from Korea come to this event to unveil their latest projects, and this year we were right alongside them with a huge booth to greet our fans.

It’s no secret that Koreans are in love with StarCraft, so our StarCraft II peripherals (the Spectre, Marauder and Banshee) were naturally a huge hit. Our Korean fans even had a chance to meet a StarCraft legend: Nada from Team OGS. Players jostled for the chance to challenge him at our booth, using our StarCraft II peripherals for the competitive edge. The crowd went absolutely wild to see their idol in action, and we gave our prizes to the lucky gamers who were able to last 10 minutes in a match against Nada.

We also announced our brand new gaming keypad, the Razer Nostromo, which was showcased to the world for the first time at G-Star. Check this baby out because it’s going to help you do some serious damage.

It’s been two days of StarCraft II mayhem, gorgeous Korean babes and a lot of happy and impressed fans and gamers. Check out the photos below to catch the action for yourself!

NaDa on stage preparing to sign autographs

The crowd during NaDa's showmatch. 3 lucky spectators were given the chance to play against their idol and win a Razer StarCraft 2 set.

Someone goes home a happy boy with a tee signed by NaDa

For more photos, join us at the Razer Korea Facebook page

Razerguy panties

It’s not often we get a good reminder of why we’re here and what we’ve set out to achieve, but Alex has just sent us a note after our recent Razer Pro|Click Mobile announcement and we felt why it was most apt to share it with all.

Thanks Alex!

” I just wanted to let you know that I recently received the e-mail announcement of the Pro|Click Mobile.

To say that it has made my day is an understatement.

I had originally pre-ordered the Boomslang after clicking on a banner ad on Gamespy.com (To date, the only web advertisement that has lead me to make a purchase) and was the proud owner of the Boomslang 1000 serial #174. Sadly, after not too long, there was a defect, or it broke, I don’t remember which, but you guys replaced it with a new one, (with a much higher serial #) which served me extraordinarily well for many years, mostly playing Diablo II, until the primary button failed. (Can I blame it? I mean, Diablo II, I’m suprised my finger didn’t fail first) I was sad and wound up using an Intellimouse explorer for a while, until you offered the discount on the new 2000 dpi boomslangs, by sending in the USB plug from a previous boomslang.

Out came the scissors, in came the new boomslang, accompanied by a heavenly chorus. Since then I have upgraded to a Diamondback when the optical technology was released, and then to my current Copperhead.

My Lachesis was pre-ordered about 10 minutes after I recieved the e-mail that it was available, and I’m seriously considering adding the Collectors Edition Boomslang to… well my collection when it is released. The 3G Diamondback also continually tempts me with it’s Infrared goodness, except I’ve found that I far prefer the Copperhead thumb buttons.

So why does the Pro|Click Mobile announcement make my day? I recently purchased a nice laptop with integrated bluetooth to use as my primary ‘task/work’ machine. In looking for a nice bluetooth mouse to accompany it, I have found nothing but overly expensive, sub-par products.

So the news of a Bluetooth notebook mouse from Razer, whose products and support I have found consistantly to be several orders of magnitude above any other input devices over the course of the past…
well it’s coming up on almost a decade now, frankly, makes me ecstatic. If they were available for pre-order now, I would do so in a split second.

I am a complete ‘princess’ when it comes to my input devices. Some of my friends have made jokes that I have an ‘Input Device Fetish.’ I have big tupperware containers full of all kinds of different keyboards, mice and other input devices I have bought and tried over the years. Keyboards from Goldtouch, Kinesis, Scythe, Microsoft, Wolf Claw gaming keyboard. Gaming input devices like the Cyber Sniper, Ideazon Fang, Wolf King, Nostromo N50, Microsoft Strategic Commander, Frag Pedals, and the RTR 50 from GamingMouse, Home-built foot switches I made using the controller board from my Scythe gaming keyboard.

I’ve gone through PC gamepads from Logitech, Powerramp, used the original xbox controller with a USB adapter and now the 360 controllers with the wireless adapter. Microsoft Mice, Fellows Trackballs, Logitech Trackballs, Harmony Remote, Salient Pen Mouse, Contour Shuttle Express, Wacom tablets. And there’s an even some I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet, Datahand, Bat, Typematrix.

If you mention “A strange keyboard that costs around $300 that you can’t get anymore” I know you’re talking about the Fingerworks Touchstream.

(One day I have a crackpot plan of putting together some kind of input device blog to catalog all these things and get them a little more exposure maybe…)

But the products that stick, that I’ve honestly become dedicated to (which isn’t something that happens often with me) are your Razer products.

Where I work we recently did some marketing work, and discovered there was a concept of a brand being classified as a ‘Love Mark’ and I realized today that for me, Razer falls into that category without any question, and felt the need to share that with you.

Also, since I’m here, I really would love to use the Tarantula keyboard, and I may still buy one to try it out, it has some really great features that I am curious about and well, since I love this stuff… I gotta check it out. ;) Unfortunately it’s not something that I can use consistantly since after spending the last… nearly 15 years on the keyboard all day, I’m teetering on the threshold of some crazy RSI. The Kensis keyboard is doing a nice job of holding it back for now, but switching to a flat keyboard would probably do me in.
This has sparked my interest in the other gaming input devices like the Nostromo, Strategic Commander, Wolf King, Fang etc that exist alongside the standard keyboard, without replacing it.

I think it would be fantastic if Razer introduced a product along those lines, incorporating some of the features of the Tarantula. I know that it would meet not only the quality of the other Razer products, but that the design and functionality of it would place it leagues ahead of the current offerings.

Also, if Razer were to work on a product like this, I would be truly honored if I were allowed to participate in testing. ;) I’d also be more than happy to share my comparisons of the current offereings that I have used, they’ve all got good points and bad points, but none of them seem to really fit the space perfectly.

Anyway, I just felt that I should share with you how just how pleased I have been with the Razer products. I keep pushing them on other people whenever I can, but sometimes I think it’s nice to get a personal message of thanks, rather than just using my wallet.

So, thank you, and everyone else at Razer. I am really looking forward to whatever you are cooking up next. :)


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