• Posted on: March 26, 2012
  • Author: Razer|Quick
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VoodooPC founder Rahul Sood shares his thoughts on the Razer Blade

Rahul Sood, founder of the high performance PC company VoodooPC, made a post on his blog where he describes his experience so far with the Razer Blade. Rahul says that Razer takes over where Voodoo left off and “anyone who compares this to your average ‘thick-brick-super-hot-loud-laptop-with-faster-hardware’ doesn’t have a clue what they’re missing.”

Check out the full post here.

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  • Airbornefreefall

    I have been waiting for years for a laptop like this, unfortunately ivy bridge and kepler have been released and i havent heard anything from razer as to wether the blade will get an update with these components. I truly hope razer keeps this laptop exactly like it is with only a hardware update its absolutely amazing to look at .

    Any news about an upgrade ? Consider two more sold once you do my wife and i both want one

  • http://twitter.com/ClintAustin26 Clint Johnson

    I just sold my early 2011 17″ Macbook Pro, and I’m now extremely interested in the Razer Blade since Apple decided to discontinue it’s 17″ form factor. Plus since I got an iPad, I rarely use my laptop anymore, but recently started playing The Secret World, and would like a 17″ gaming laptop that doesn’t weigh 15 lbs. I’m not buying until the Blade is updated though. if it isn’t soon, I’ll have to go with a refurb late 2011 model 17″ MBP. Don’t make me do it, Razer!

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