• Posted on: February 16, 2012
  • Author: Razer|TechnoKat
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Razer Mass Effect 3 Edition Peripherals, ready for pre-order

The most anticipated game of 2012, Mass Effect 3, drops on March 6. Are you ready?

The Reapers have found Earth, and before long there will be nothing left. Upgrade your arsenal with the Razer Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Gaming Peripherals and Gear.

Beyond killer looks and tipping the scales of fair play, each piece of hardware comes with an exclusive in-game bonus such as the Collector Assault Rifle.

The Normandy is ready for your boarding, so wait no longer:   http://www.razerzone.com/me3

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  • Kevin

    All I can say is, sick!

  • Zombie1914

    Still not able to deliver Tiamat headset or even SWTOR keyboard (german version) and already announcing peripherals for the next game.
    Dont expect this stuff to be on time either.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    I’m with you on that.

  • Chricke

    Is the keybord avalible with nordic layout?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    It’s only available in US QWERTY.

  • Carl

    Why can’t I pre-order any of the items?

  • Stelgon

    So, I’m noticing a trend here with Razer not being able to deliver products on time.  It’s unfortunate that a company that prides itself on being a leader in gaming peripherals is so unfamiliar on basic business practices.  I suppose it’s to be expected though, self-imposed deadlines are very rarely honored…

  • Stelgon

     Especially in the gaming industry*

  • Serpente

    3 weeks later and I STILL can’t buy my controller *pounds head into wall*

  • FrozynWarlord

    yo razer/quick.. i see the razer blackwidow in blue(standard),red (me3 and dragon age), even in orange/yellow (bf3).. wheres the green at? (razer’s color)….been looking for a mechanical keyboard with led…but personally wanting green…any clue if razer will decide to make it… i mean green led looks the best and quite bright among the other colors….

  • Number47

    When are these going to be released? I’m waiting for the Chimaera that matches my PC case

  • Kyung12sarang

    im just stating out a fact if the blackwidows ultimate stealth edition gets more backlight color variation then they will sell more….i would buy one as soon as it comes in green led. simply call it viper or toxic edition for the green blackwidow…i want one now ><..

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    That’d be pretty cool, but there are no plans at this time for additional LED colors.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    We’re working as fast as we can to get them back in as quickly as possible. Have you signed up to be notified? http://j.mp/wedMtY 

  • CSF

    Yea they are so bad when it comes to new products, false advertisements and promises along with 5 units a month production rate :D expect to own the product your eyeing a year later.

  • Nik

    So when is the keyboard going to be on sale?  Wanting to pick myselfup one of those

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    It has already released, but we’re currently sold out. Have you signed up to be notified as soon as we get them back in stock? If not, you can do so here: http://j.mp/GURlWX 

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    They’ve already been released and they’re currently unavailable. If you’d like to be notified as soon as they’re available, you can sign up here http://j.mp/zvMRBP 

  • Nik

     Ahh thanks done that now, will hopefully hear more soon then, thanks for the heads up

  • Dark_emperor_x

    the Iphone case is soooooooooooooooooooo Awesome!!  i love it!! U GUYS did great!!!

  • Guest

     Agreed pre-order notifies the amount of said items that need to be made quite a genius thing that has been invention for a long time cmon razer.

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