• Posted on: February 15, 2012
  • Author: Razer|TechnoKat
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We’re stocking up the Razer Blade as fast as we can.

Update on February 16:

The demand for the Razer Blade has depleted our second wave of units and we are already sold out. Rest assured that we’re working hard to meet the demand and get them back in stock by 29 February, 2012. We will update you again once our next batch is finished. Those who are signed up for the notification email will know as soon as they are back in stock, so be sure to sign up for that if you haven’t already. We appreciate your continued support and interest in the Razer Blade.


The overwhelming demand for the Razer Blade has depleted our first wave of units and we are already sold out within 30 minutes on launch on January, 27. Rest assured that we’re working hard to meet the demand and get them back in stock by mid February. We will update you again once our next batch is finished and we are doing all that we can to keep up with the demand.

We appreciate your continued support and interest in the Razer Blade; our Chief Gamer/CEO, Min-Liang Tan’s excited about getting the Blades to you guys. So are we.

Those who are signed up for the notification email will know as soon as they are back in stock, so be sure to sign up for that if you haven’t already: http://www.razerzone.com/notifyme/en?product_id=243119900

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  • Jacques


    When will it be available in australia ?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    As of right now, it’s only available in the US.

  • Sebastian

    Its way to expensive for the specs it has, I fell in love with the look im soo tempted to buy it but its just to much for to little.

  • Habbib

    Ya for $2800 you can get a Alienware MX17 with a SSD and 16GB RAM and a AMD 6990 2GB which well blow this ouuta the water, or you can  get a Dell XPS  with all same specs as this and upgrade it to the 3GB 555m GPU all for $1400 lol $1600 if you want 3D vision. So unless its worth $1500 to have the UI keyboard…and way less power…

  • CaiN

    I have bought and used both the xPS 17 and alienware M17x.  Let’s talk about the xPS 17 first.  There is a CHROMED border around the base
    which provides a great reflection on the screen!  The stupid touchpad registers a click every
    time you try to type. SO you have to disable and enable between typing and
    using the cursor.  Not to mention the pad
    sporadically chooses not to work or scroll instead of moving the cursor.  Now one may think that maybe it’s just that
    one computer.  But guess what, I own
    about 5 XPS systems for my company and couple more for home – they all exhibit
    the same behavior. 

    Also, on top of the $1600 did you add their $400 North
    American Phone Support extortion.  (Which
    BTW is not all that great; one moron gave me a wrong driver and another ordered
    me a wrong power supply!!  I guess it was
    not the Indians that were morons; maybe the Americans overseeing them?!  Just a side note.)  Now let’s talk about the fact that the XPS is
    over 2 inches thick with the 9 cell battery which is required with your
    configuration.  Blade is 0.88″!!  Weight – the XPS is not 8lbs like stated on
    the website.  Blade is less the 3/4 the
    weight with the POWER SUPPLY.

    Alienware: I bought this for my brother; he is a gamer.  The stupid thing weighs well over 15 pounds
    and with the power BRICK (which is actually a size of a LARGE BRICK) weighs
    about 3-4 lbs more.  All together he
    carries about 20 pounds of computer every day. 
    It’s the most useless LAPTOP I have ever seen.  AND OHHH MY GOD!! Do you really need that many
    lights on a laptop?!  It’s like Christmas
    tree blew up in there.  So that feature
    pretty much stays disabled if you do not want to be blinded while “gaming”.  The concept was cool back in the LATE
    90′s.  It beyond stupid now.  Let’s not even get into the poor build quality. 

    Blade is not meant for you to perform desktop level
    gaming.  For such systems you should just
    buy a desktop.  The systems you mentioned
    are not laptops; I have never seen someone just carry their Alienware
    around.  For the form factor Blade
    provides and the fact that the touchpad is properly placed on the right and not
    where it may get bumped while typing is a bonus.  Hence the sell out of the first wave of
    Blades within 30 minutes. 

    With that said I hope that their systems runs as well as it
    looks.  I hope their support of the
    drivers and technical support avoids the pitfalls of its competitors.  I am willing to pay for a well built laptop
    and good service.  AND I am sure may
    others are as well or Apple would be out of business.  I only wished there was a 512GB SSD option. 

  • devan4500

    this is way better though lighter smaller better graphics changing pad and keys way way better

  • Jacob Meyer

     You completely miss the point of the Razer Blade.  It is NOT meant for raw power.  It is meant to be pretty powerful but portable.  Both the other laptops you mentioned weigh more and are a lot thicker than the Razer Blade.

  • Poopoo

    right but for same power you can get  for $1400 so why 3grand…..cause its abit thinner I bet it cost $750 to build tops

  • http://twitter.com/ugoboss Ugo Jadrijevic

    Do you have any idea if this is coming to eu at all?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    As of right now, it’s only available in the US. We’ll make announcements once it’s available in other regions.

  • Sebastian

    First. Everyone know Alienware is shit.
    Second this laptop maybe portable but for the price this has you can get and laptop in the world for 2 times the specs it has, as i said before it has an awesome look and if i was stupid (Or rich) enough to buy a mid specs laptop at an overrated price i would buy it with no doubt but its just way to much for way to little. To give you an example the
    MSI GT783-625US just weights 2 more pounds nad has twice the specs and litteraly twice, and its still cheaper.

  • Sebastian

    Ok so protable i own a MSI GT783-625US it weights 2 more pounds just 2.
    Inter Core i7-2670QM
    128 GB SSD + 750 GB 7200RPM Hard Drives
    16 GB Ram
    NViDIA GTX 580M

  • Chris Langan

    Does anyone have any idea when the Razer SWITCHblade is going to be released?  It was announced way earlier than the Razer Blade and the Blade has already hit the market.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    That’s because the Switchblade is a concept. We’ve taken that concept and implemented it’s tech into a few of our products, the Blade and our SWTOR keyboard. 

  • Clytle

    Hows the restocking coming along? I know it is estimated for the 15th but just wanted to see how things are coming along.
    One quick question, why can we not just pre-order them that way we assure ourselfs that we get it and yall are sure that yall have a commitment to purchase.

  • http://www.futurespress.com/ futures market

    I’m waiting day by day for it.

  • http://www.futurescrude.com/ crude oil futures

    Thank you for your announcement! You have my support!

  • Clytle

    I take it since your site still has the 15th on it, that it might be out today??

  • Velocity

    When will the razer blade be available in Asia

  • Velocity

    And is there even the slightest bit of chances of it being available before April

  • http://www.nghenghiepviet.com/tim-viec/viec-lam-Long-an/39 viec lam long an

    Oh I can’t wait. When will it be released? I really can’t wait.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    There’s no ETA on releases in other regions. We’ll update you when that time comes.

  • kage

    Do you know if the blade will be released to other regions before the end of the year?

  • freakz

    All this hype for an overpriced dual core laptop? 

  • Nathaniel Palmer

     It looks good.

  • Hanzocloud

    I wonder how many units per batch?  I am guesing something like 20,000 or 10,000. Anyone know?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    No ETA on release dates for other regions.

  • Habbib

    more like 10-20 not many ppl lining up to spend 3k on a laptop  that dell can out do for $700

  • Hanzocloud

    and it’s not even widely available in US either.. only selling via their website through “batches”…  no retail distribution

  • Kool Fandango

    Because no one in a retail store would pay 3k for a $700 laptop :/ ppl on the web are stupid and think omg a kool lappy thats 2 years out dated and priced more then the latest chips like the GTX 580m and the AMD 6990m….

    For $1200 I can get a Asus with a GTX 560m 3GB which would blow this thing outta the watter and it would have a quad core i7 not a dual core i7 :/

    Razer CEOs are lol’ing at the nubs buying this

  • Mohammad Alotaibi

    and here we go again 29/02 and nothing it seems to be a 1 unite per batch or a big SCAM. try 
    manufacturing in Foxconn next time :D

  • Impulse4265

    Seriously guys.. what the hell? The 3rd wave is already sold out? Are you getting shipments of 4 units every time? If the goal is to make everyone believe you can’t keep them in stock due to popularity, it’s falling flat and pissing off would-be customers. 

  • Fakeemail
  • BillyD

     I agree. Come on Razer !! And please give an eta for when the razer will be available in other regions.

  • Fargo_1983

    Losing patience and looking for other places to spend my money – Singaporean

  • Hanzocloud

    me too… if all 3 batches sold out.. how come there is only ONE unboxing video on youtube… and funnily enough it is done by Austrailans.. a market where Razer Blade hasnt even began selling in….  lame…


    Hey, does anyone know when the Razer Blade is being released in Australia??



  • Fnordcorps

    Hate to sound like a broken record here but any sign of an eu/gb release date?. I have waited for months for even a date and have now got to the point where I am sadly going to have to spend my money elsewhere. The lack of information is costing you… Razer?? Anyone??

  • Jeppishh

    are you gonna release it in europe?

  • Liammcmullan58

    will it ever be out in europe?

  • Airbornefreefall

    Well I was hoping by now for some update regarding a razer blade 2.0 but sadly the Internet and razer have been ridiculously quiet as such I have decided to buy a new laptop else where. Sad because I love this laptops’ design unfortunately it’s hardware is outdated and needs a refresh to be competitive

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