• Posted on: June 16, 2011
  • Author: Razer|Mjolnir
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Razer Orochi: Black Chrome Edition

Razer Orochi Black Chrome

Ownership of Razer gear is not just a bold statement of intent to dominate the game. It is the appreciation for perfection of form and function. None exemplifies this more than the Razer Orochi – its curvaceous body belying its uncompromising performance.

This time we’re turning the temperature up another notch.

Sporting an irresistible coat of black chrome, the Razer Orochi’s contours dovetail majestically with its new metallic sheen.

Supreme in its performance and seductive in its presence, the Razer Orochi Black Chrome Edition thrives in its ability to keep its poise and class in the thickest of action.

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  • Prellyan

    Having owned an Orochi and never looking at another mouse since (no feeling of buyers anxiety here thank you very much) it would be very groovy if Razer could release the top cover parts separately.  This could be an accessory line for all different mice with different designs for the top plate.

  • Prellyan

    and now it is available! just ordered mine! great work razer! – Prellyan

  • Gogoo

    is it possible for you to release a  lager (longer, in fact) Orochi?
    or another full-size, ambidextrous mouse, both bluetooth and wired, with AA batteries and not too many buttons on the sides.

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