• Posted on: January 6, 2011
  • Author: Razer|Mjolnir
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Razer Switchblade™ – A Revolution in PC Gaming

We never stop looking for ways to get the edge and we never stop innovating. Where others seen problems and barriers, we see challenges our engineers have yet to be unleashed upon. PC gaming has always been locked to a desktop environment. Never has anyone been able to replicate the usability of a mouse and keyboard interface on the go. It wasn’t that it was impossible, it was just that the designers at Razer hadn’t given it a go.

And now we have.

Success is in our blood. The Razer Switchblade Concept carries that tradition forward.

Our Razer designers and engineers built the Razer Switchblade concept focusing on enhancing PC gaming on a handheld device. The dynamic keyboard and the multi touch interface are the linchpins that give this portable gaming device the ability to play on the go without sacrificing precision and control. We’ve changed the game, and this is only the beginning. You can see more at razerzone.com/switchblade.


Q: Is there an online demonstration of the Razer™ Switchblade in action?

A: Yes – just watch the video here.

Q: When and where can I buy the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: The Razer™ Switchblade is a concept design (think of it like a concept car) and will not be made available for purchase – yet. Razer will be working with selected partners to design and launch products based off the Razer™ Switchblade concept design. We will be announcing more information shortly so sign up on the registration page to get the news first.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: See above.

Q: Can I see working units of the Razer™ Switchblade concept design in action?

A: You can see working units at the Razer booth at CES – South Hall 3 #30754. If you are a member of the press and would like to schedule for a hands on session, please email Heathcliff.Hatcher@razerzone.com.

Q: How big is the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm , although pictures speak louder than words, so check out the gallery.

Q: Does the Razer™ Switchblade have an internet connection?

A: Yes, both WiFi and 3G are available on the Razer™ Switchblade.

Q: Can I play any game genres on the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: Yes, the Razer™ Switchblade is conceptualized to cater to all game genres. The combination of the new dynamic tactile keyboard, a multi-touch-screen and, if required, a mobile gaming mouse, allows for the full desktop pc gaming experience and more.

For more details and information, please visit the Razer Switchblade page or the official press release. You can also subscribe to the Razer Switchblade update list by entering your name and email address on the Razer Switchblade website (scroll all the way down here)

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  • DuckReconMajor

    They didn’t say anything about mouse control I am disappoint.

  • Lifeitself

    when is this coming out lol i want it now!

  • Creedence47

    They showed it with the Orochi bluetooth mouse

  • Billy5555100

    Maybe I might get a new computer for high school… this or cyberpowerpc, not sure… impress me with fast dual cores and a graphics card and you got my cash.

  • http://www.zetzio.com Mustafa Unal

    It runs on Windows 7 and has a USB 3.0 port. A preview on Engadget explained that as this is the case, it can use any standard PC peripherals such as a webcam, mouse, keyboard and so on. Even assuming this assumption is incorrect, the YouTube video above shows the Razorback and the Orochi mouse side by side. Hope that clears things up a little.

  • http://www.zetzio.com Mustafa Unal

    Razorback? I mean Switchback.

    Anyway TL;DR — you can bet your ass it will have mouse support.

  • DuckReconMajor

    What about the “ultra-sensitive multi touch screen”? Honestly if I’m just supposed to plug a mouse in why can’t I just use my laptop?

  • http://gadgetatorblog.blogspot.com Elazar Krausz

    Can you customize the fonts for the QWERTY keyboard.

  • U-din


  • Jrh64

    this is a need idea but its truly horrible for a few reasons
    1. this keybord would pissoff any one who can touch type … even if they could touch type on some net books it would piss them off .
    2. there is only one usb port …. ide rather have four 2.0usb ports then one 3.0 usb port that i would constantly have a usb hub attached to just for perfrials ….
    i see the socket besided the usb slot, ither its a head phone jack or for charging …
    3. its a head phone jack and i cant use a mouse and charge the laptop withought using a usb hub, or it is for chargin and my only option for clear sound in public is to use blue tooth head phones …. cause its not like that drains more battery having bluetooth on … in my lap top or my bluetooth head phones …..

  • Vivendo69

    your dreaming mate, its a PORTABLE gaming device, the only usb device should be a mouse if anything, even still use bluetooth…… touch type? its exactly the same as a normal keyboard, the only difference is that it is missing the keys that you dont always use i.e the numbers/spec char etc……

    Dont compare this to a laptop because it isnt one, compare it to a psp or a 3ds…..

  • Silr20

    because you dont “have” to plug your mouse in?

  • http://twitter.com/Koomoa Kelii Armstrong

    I really want this please make it!

  • razz

    If I can play the upcoming Old Republic game on this thing, I’d preorder it instantly.

  • nexu

    - a version with a twist-able touchscreen to use the device in tablet mode for gaming or video/audio playback plz
    - add some (rubber) plug protections plz to keep the connectors optimal for peripherals (dirt will eventually creep up into those connectors after being tossed and stuffed in bags too many times)
    - build-in Maelstrom audio engine plz
    - GPU with driver level AA support plz
    - mini-display port plz

  • Sitwon


    This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for for the past decade. Scratch that, BETTER than what I’ve been looking for.

    Is it true you have some former OQO engineers on the team? That was a true UMPC.

  • Reselath

    I can bet, based on its size, what it’s probably running, and what capabilitys it has, this bad boy is easily 1000 to 2000

  • RobeonMew

    you know what would make this perfect? if this was capable of GSM – AWS telecommunications
    if this had mobile phone capabilities, id be in heaven

  • RobeonMew

    you know what would make this perfect? if this had the ability to use aws/gsm telecommunications.
    If this was a mobile phone I would be in Heaven

  • http://news.top-oferta.com/?p=2339 | Новини.топ-оферта.ком

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  • Scott stacey

    ur a douche

  • Billyp

    i was just thinking the same exact thing! i cant wait for that game and if this will play it i am sold

  • http://topsy.com/cult.razerzone.com/2011/01/06/razer-switchblade%E2%84%A2-a-revolution-in-pc-gaming/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention Razer Switchblade™ – A Revolution in PC Gaming | Cult of Razer | Ground Zero for all Razer Fans — Topsy.com

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Billy Pasquariello, Craig Bray. Craig Bray said: Razer Switchblade Ground Zero for all Razer Fans: http://cult.razerzone.com/2011/01/06/razer-switchblade%E2%84%A2-a-revolution-in-pc-gaming/ [...]

  • DuckReconMajor

    What kind of laptop uses a USB port to charge?

  • pink13

    HOW MUCH!!! And when will they be up for sale?!!?!?

  • Clay

    ^^^ this

  • Hunadora

    Ok what are the Razer Switchblade system spec’s…… I need more info!!!!!!!

  • Teebs

    Simply amazing. a headphone and mic 3.5 would be a nice touch, or develop a slew of quality wireless products with a matching glow. I would be stoked on either, razer hasn’t let me down yet. Just don’t bring it out before you are ready, I would rather wait for top quality then get a rushed final product. and the guts of this thing will be the deciding factor for many, two pricepoints with different hardware might be a great way to do it.

  • Everpoetic

    when can i have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Atkasha

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Christ… Don’t just come here and say that it’s horrible because it’s not a basic office laptop. I like the concept, and so do many other people. I also don’t get you complaining of the lack of USB ports and using a USB hub.

    And I agree with Vivendo69. The Razer Switchblade is more like a portable gaming device, and comparing it to a laptop would be like comparing a PSP to a PS3. Both have their perks.

  • switchblade

    meeeeeeeee to i just got boner

  • Darkflame

    i would love to see a keyboard version for full desktop pcs!! i love the look and the keys are the best idea ever!!

  • http://www.aggrogate.com/2011/01/ces-2011-gaming-wrapup-reason-post-short/ CES 2011 Gaming Wrap-Up: There’s a Reason This Post is Short « Aggrogate

    [...] the Switchblade, Razer's new, upcoming portable gaming system. It's Atom-powered and looks like a mutant netbook, [...]

  • Ebecker1234

    got some dota nerds at razer eh? i love dota

  • Ebecker1234

    sorry for double post, but i noticed on the dota preview image there was no minimap anywhere? that could be a problem you might want to look into that

  • Grjing

    How the hell would you play an FPS without a mouse?

  • Petar_ab

    what kind of video card will it have? dont say Intel GMA :D

  • Razer|Harbinger

    We’ve added a FAQ above. The Razer™ Switchblade is a concept design (think of it like a concept car) and will not be made available for purchase – yet. Razer will be working with selected partners to design and launch products based off the Razer™ Switchblade concept design. We will be announcing more information shortly so sign up on the registration page to get the news first. Visit the site (scroll down and sign up for more information.)

  • Razer|Harbinger

    Complete technical details are not available as of yet.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    You can connect a mouse to it.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    This is still in it’s concept stages. We look forward to updating you with more live examples.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    We just ran the world’s largest online DotA tournament. Ever. There’s plenty of DotA gamers in our offices worldwide.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Not yet. But be patient.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    This is still in it’s concept stages. More information will be released later. Please revert to the FAQ, or to it’s main website here – http://www.razerzone.com/switchblade

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Pricing is not available yet as it’s still in it’s concept stage.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Release dates are not available yet as it’s still pretty much in it’s concept stages.

  • Ethan

    Powered by the Intel Atom Platform? Wouldn’t that be incredibly restrictive for CPU-intensive games, such as those running the Valve Source engine?

  • http://twitter.com/artur1865 Artur Belyy

    if this costs less then £600, it will outsell the ipad, if this will cost more it will be just another expensive gimmick

  • Mridul Rajurkar

    I’m getting database errors on the link cult posted. I’m dying for more information about this. I hope it comes out fast!!!

  • Kieri

    I almost drooled when I saw this…
    Can’t wait ’till it’s released so I can use THIS old laptop for my office-needs and THAT for gaming around the globe
    Just hope it has a good video card — I’d hate to see my WoW lag at max graphics :/
    Willing to pay: uptill 2000 euros

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2I4ZBHP7UEN2F7J2BXG2YRIFHI Michael

    Congrats on the CNET best of show. Looking forward to this future development. Myself being in the navy I was always on the move and it was a pain to lug around 50 pounds of gear to game. This would a been hug six years ago. Looking forward on how they apply this concept and make it work for us. (the gaming community).

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Thank you for the feedback. Stay tuned for more info in the future.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    The site was having a lot of issues with some of the traffic earlier. It’s been fixed now. Damned SQL!

  • Mo1dy

    Would you be able to plug it into a 22” monitor?

  • Duca

    Hey there, I would just like to let you know that on this page http://www2.razerzone.com/switchblade/intel there is an error in the last paragraph, in the second to last sentence. Great product by the way, really unique, can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Rhonstint

    Hello, i just have one question. When you say it can connect to 3G, how would that work? subscription?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Hey Duca – you’re very sharp. We’d like to hire you for our pixel research team but all positions are filled. Thanks again. We’ve updated our site.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Typically yes. This would be similar to a mobile subscription.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M73FG3EQE6YYA6TT7OXAEQQ6XM Josiah Carnate-nouchi

    Is there a Headphone Jack??????

  • Fantus

    Please add some tech specs, or at least a general aim you will be looking at achieving. I know it will be able to run WoW therefore it will meet the minimum system requirements for it. However, i would like to know if there is any way it can run Starcraft 2, that would be the deciding factor in whether or not i buy it.
    General question; how much does it cost to make a computer that can run Starcraft 2?

    PC Minimum System Requirements*:

    Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Updated with the latest Service Packs) with DirectX® 9.0c
    2.6 GHz Pentium® IV or equivalent AMD Athlon® processor
    128 MB PCIe NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT or ATI Radeon® 9800 PRO video card or better
    12 GB available HD space
    1 GB RAM (1.5 GB required for Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 users)
    DVD-ROM drive
    Broadband Internet connection
    1024X720 minimum display resolution

    Oh !@#$… is the PC display resolution high enough?

  • plamen

    I have a question can I play Games like GTA 4 age of empires Call of Duty and kind of games

  • http://www.techgear.gr/razer-switchblade-gaming-netbook-concept-15527 Razer Switchblade, το concept netbook για τους gamers του μέλλοντος « TechGear.gr – All about gadgets and technology

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  • http://www.greek-forum.gr/razer-switchblade-%cf%84%ce%bf-concept-netbook-%ce%b3%ce%b9%ce%b1-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%82-gamers-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%ce%bc%ce%ad%ce%bb%ce%bb%ce%bf%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%82/ Razer Switchblade, το concept netbook για τους gamers του μέλλοντος | Greek-forum.gr

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  • Xabdos

    will there be windows 7 so i can download games online on the web but not specific games that work on the keyboard ex maple story or battle field?

  • Xabdos

    a no brainer to get for me i WANT IT damn it who ever got this idea is A super genius and the people who agree on making this i LOV THEM

  • Mfid

    Running Games at 30 Fps? way better then 5 fps

  • avicii

    Are this Razer Switchblade can run lineage 2 ?????

  • Nsdfds

    I can still run anything I want (Word, powerpoint, etc) and have a standard windows 7 desktop, right?

  • Aiyahh

    OMG I want it now!!!!!
    Who do have to kill, consider it done!

  • http://www.hardwaresphere.com/2011/01/11/razer-switchblade-revolutionary-gaming-pc-with-dynamic-keyboard/ Razer Switchblade: Revolutionary Gaming PC With Dynamic Keyboard | Gaming Gadgets at Hardware Sphere

    [...] [via Gadgetreview, via Razer SwitchBlade] [...]

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Possibly yes – however we can’t confirm this at this point in time.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    We can’t tell you for certain at this point in time as it’s still a concept. However, since this is running on a Win 7 platform, it is possible. This might change though.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Yeap. We know it’s sweet.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    We’ll send your words to our lab team of engineers and scientists.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Yes. However – complete specifications are still not available as of yet – so check back soon or sign up for more information at this page. http://www2.razerzone.com/switchblade

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    As much as we would like to paste our specifications list here – we can’t, sorry. Not just yet at least. We’re still finalizing some of the key features and nailing the technology to ensure this becomes a real gaming mobile platform.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Yes. There will be.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Very likely yes. We’re equipping the Razer Switchblade with a mini-HDMI port so in essence, you should be able to plug this into a compatible monitor.

  • kunkka

    if playing dota, would you need a mouse?

    and would there be any lag?

    thanks ^^

  • Wootsoccer

    Awesome design.

    How sensitive are the buttons in the phase right now? They look comparable to a Mac keyboard but I can’t tell.

    Will you be able to “run” you finger across multiple buttons, like a piano, and have them all pressed? I’m asking because, as it stands, I’ve gotten fairly fast with a mouse and I am wondering if this would increase the speed.

    This product looks like a MUST HAVE. Nice work Razor.

  • Kokomql

    from where i can buy it ?

  • Pyroclasmx

    This is awesome stuff it really is. But you know I would be happy if we could get a full size keyboard with similar functionality to use on our desktop computers. Right now the only thing that is out there is the Optimus Maximus Keyboard and at 1600 bucks with limited availability meh. DO EEET!

  • Hilminursyahir

    How can i install the game without the dvd driver inside this pc game ????

  • Sclcomputer

    it may be

  • Jim Dimarelos

    I am using programs like Adobe Flash Professional CS4, for drawing and sketching… I would be glad if I could use Razer SwitchBlade as a tablet (just like Wacom Cintic12WX), with a special pen. Of course, I don’t want it to be as accurate and presise as a Wacom product. It would be great for me to combine gaming and drawing in such a small, handy and good looking tool… Good luck making SwitchbBlade, it surely looks to be promising…

  • Jim Dimarelos

    I would also strongly advise you to consider the financial problems most people all around the world are facing these days… We can’t afford extremely high-priced products anymore. Pay attention to what I am saying, you should go for the average customer’s pocket, ’cause only few are capable of spending tons of money in gaming and other activities…

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Since the screen is multi-touch, you would not need a mouse but if you did use one, there would be no input lag just as there would be none on a regular PC.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Thanks for the interest. We are still tweaking things like sensitivity, as this is just a concept, but rest assured that we are keeping gaming as its primary focus.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    No where yet, it is still just a concept.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    The two ways into the device are through the USB port and WiFi.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    A good concept product always incites ideas…

  • Me

    I was considering buying an ipod touch, but now that I saw this, it sold me I just wish it would come out soon THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME JUST COME OUT SOONER THE WAIT IS WORTH IT!!

  • Mogyi

    Can I use my megalodon with switchblade?

  • Snow

    It needs shoulder buttons! Only then will it truly be the perfect portable solution. I play a lot of games that are best played with a shoulder-buttonized controller. Thanks. Expect payment when implemented.

  • Mr. Gamer

    Please please please PLEASE do not leave the connection to just WiFi and 3G. Please add an ethernet port to it for higher quality gaming. Im an electronics installer and I know it wont take that much space and/or money to add it in. Example: In my country there is held a massive LAN-party called “Assembly”. There hundreds of gamers and other geeks get together and play games and show demos and stuff with available LAN-connection. Now imagine a WiFi connection with the speed that it holds with other people doing it too. Ethernet is the way to go and I recommend you concider it too.

  • Frost Angel

    Would a USB disc drive work with it?

  • Luke_patty_mac

    gimme one RIGHT NOW

  • Luke_patty_mac

    can i have one for free please? since i asked nicley?

  • Ruudboek

    There goes the portability then. PC gaming is all about the mouse, it seems you have done nothing to solve the mouse problem for fps/rpg’s/mmo’s, which accounts for 90% of pcgaming.

    Why not add a mouse/joystick as was done on the Samsung Q1 umpc?:


    It actually allowed me to do a fps perfectly.

  • Awad

    Where can I buy in the Middle East?
    How Much Does it Cost?
    Where can I buy in the U.A.E
    Come on plz i cant sleep

  • Awad

    Where can I buy in the Middle East?
    How Much Does it Cost?
    Where can I buy in the U.A.E
    Come on plz i cant sleep

  • S3c7i0n9

    In the video you people said “A powerful intel atom processor” No way that thing will be doing any decent gaming. Unless a better one is created, and a graphics card of any significant power, which may be needed to make up for the sub-par processor, will heat up very quickly due to the small case that it is in. Oh, and you guys will probably have something like steam for games right? This thing does look pretty cool, is perfect for me, I know that this thing will be great, I just want to know how you will do it.

  • Nefarious_

    You should release a full sized keyboard (standalone peripheral) with the same lcd technology. With the only competing unit costing upwards of $2400 (optimus maximus) you could definitely get a leg up with something more accessible.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    This is a still a concept – so none of the specifications are confirmed yet.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Erm. Ok?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    It’s still a concept at this point and is due to some refinements/changes from us. We won’t comment on other UMPCs since we’re not in the same categories, but rest assured you will find gaming on the Razer Switchblade a very different experience.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    Pricing is not announced since it’s still a concept – availability is not confirmed yet too.

    We can’t sleep either.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    In the next couple of months we will be still making changes – nothing is confirmed yet – however we’ve tested it with the latest couple of games and we can say that it will not compromise the experience. Technology is what we do in our labs and our engineers will be working overtime on the Switchblade.

    Stay tuned for future updates when we release them.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    You didn’t say pretty please. But unfortunately – we won’t be giving this one free to you. Probably in a mega-giveaway when it launches. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • switchblade fan

    I totally agree with this. I love playing retro games with a controller and shoulder buttons are a must. Please include them. :)

  • GancKy

    Can you connect the steam on the switchblade and play games from steam?

  • Slash

    WOuld u be able to play any games such as cod maplestory or any other sort of games like that

  • :]

    Wow. Nice. I saw this on Cnet. I was wondering about how much memory it would have. I can’t seem to find that anywhere.

  • Danail Cupper

    Will you sell it in Bulgeria – Europa and do you think to let it in stores until 2012

  • guest

    The only thing I like about this concept is the keyboard. Is there any chance that they will develop a keyboard with the same features that the switchblade has (e.g. changing keys)?

  • Bbad1313

    Are y’all going to make it in bigger sizes?

  • Worcester1974

    Yeah, this looks nice. I love the flexibility of having a dynamic keyboard and a touch screen. Keep the price reasonable and keep Blizzard in the loop. They make great games, they have a lot of experience, and have a lot of loyalty.

    Hope you get this off the runway!

  • Yiming

    the concept of this device is very nice, it did wat PSP and others cant do, but i guess the real problem is a mouse…. without a mouse im pretty sure we wont make a good run, and no one want to carry a big mouse in their pocket while they go out…. maybe its just a silly suggestion but i think making a flat mouse like the one apple has and hide it on the back of the device will probably be a solution.. since Razer is pro on gaming mouse i think it would’nt be an impossible mission(i have a Razer Mamba and it’s really cool =]). but that also means extra cost……. anyway its just a suggestion.. i really hope the Switchblade will be a success when it comes out. GL to the hardworking Razer team =]

  • Worcester1974

    You don’t need a mouse when you have a dynamic keyboard and a touch screen. It’s actually far MORE intuitive to touch something rather than interact with it using a mouse and cursor. That system simply mimics a physical touch. Many cursors even look like hands. At the time the mouse was developed, it was the most intuitive solution for the problem of human-computer interface. Not so now, though. Just because you’re used to doing something a certain way, doesn’t make it better.

    Ever wondered why the most often used keys on a keyboard are so far apart? It’s not for convenience. The first typewriters were physical in nature and the keys would jam when the users got faster. The keys were only moved to their current positions to slow typists down. It didn’t work, and eventually typewriters had to be engineered differently. Now they keyboard layout seems completely arbitrary.

    The mouse is a wonderful invention, but let’s not make it out to be more important than it is.

  • Mynameiswaybetter

    Here are some of my advice:
    Make it run on 3-3.5gh processor
    a gpu of atleast around something like a amd radean 4980
    no one like lag and if it’s a handheld device note that people will be rough with it ok?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    That’s the idea :)

  • DarkMorgoth92

    I think that’s could be very good. It would be perfect if it was a bit bigger, imho. I think that the keyboard is fantastic. I think that Razer should produce a traditional keyboard woth the technology of the switchblade! It would be amazing! But, anyway, what’s the GPU in the SwitchBlade???

  • Miki Maus

    its to little

  • Razzan

    Hello guys! i just wanna say that this is a FANTASTIC job i hope it wont be on the same price as Optimus Maximus. GL and Finish this now lads!

  • 0M3G4

    My Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant can run fucking Quake 3. Before you try to start a revolution, Razer, why don’t you actually make sure you’ve got something truly special first?

  • Clubzrs

    Do people really not even bother to read the previous comments? I only went through the “Popular now” section and still found the same questions asked over and over. People need to pay more attention to whats going on. Besides, there is also a “Keep me informed” selection on some, if not all, pages about this particular product.

    Anyways, I think this is a great idea and that you guys should keep it up ;) I wish you all good luck, if people as smart as you need it, haha, but in all seriousness, you guys are doing GREAT.

  • Unknown

    take your time guys to make it perfect. i dont want any glitches or bugs. it looks like the best thing ever. and i want it to be just what it looks like.
    id rather wait along time for something great than get it now and it be a piece of crap

  • Jessica

    I want to be the first girl to test one!

  • Aion

    i need this in my life

  • Voxtron

    Will there be a possibility of having a lan port onboard…if not then would you consider putting one in?

  • MarauderTrooper

    128 gb is what the rumors are saying

  • Ruudboek

    Why do you guys bother going with intel? The best intel can offer right now is the Intel atom n550 + ion2, that means 8.5 watt for the cpu and between 6 – 12 watts for the ion chip, that give a total of 14.5 watt – 20.5 watt.
    Performance of the intel atom isn’t going to be great either with their castrated 1x pci express lane.
    Amd is now coming out with the AMD C-50 made for tablets at only 5 watts!
    At least AMD can give you some decent battery life.
    The GPU on that thing can beat the ion1, plus it will be a lot cheaper then what intel has offer.
    Why bother with intel?

  • Ruudboek

    How do you operate a FPS with a touchscreen then? I just dont see it happening.

  • Cluffinator13

    are you guys gonna be like alienware and overcharge or can even poorer players afford it? This is an awesome idea that could quickly be ruined by pulling an apple and charging more than reasonable. Thanks

  • VoiD

    if they want a product that can compete with existing mobile gamming
    devices you guys will have to consider the price. Cuz what I saw until now was
    different technology than we are accustomed to seeing. Cuz if want a good pc for gamming, I can buy a laptop or a notebook by its 400 € with
    double of its power. If we are talking about a possible
    revolutionary mobile game console I think that should at least need to think about the prices or this project will be just a dream.

  • Croimos14

    I can see it now, m11x vs Switchblade. The great battle of the mobile PC gaming devices. You guys won me over with that sick keyboard. Awesome job. Looking forward to purchasing it.

  • Anonymous

    are you high you can’t fit 128 gigs into a normal sized desktop let alone a ds sized netbook. at tops its might be 8 but I’d guess around 4

  • BigWolf

    hay I just saw a video of minecraft on the switch blade and in the video you guys were not using a mouse. whats the control setup?



  • Vincent

    Even though its just a prototype, my question is WoW-based.

    - How would one be able to heal raids with a compact touch screen instead of a mouse?

  • Vincent

    How would Ventrilo servers or any other type of voice-chat work while playing a game?

  • KiRA

    Is the razer switchblade can be use like a normal laptop? example like Alienware M11x

  • Memoryholder2

    does the razor switchblade run on batteries or is it rechargaable

  • Robertlidholm

    How mutch does it gonna cost ?

  • Dizzel

    How mutch does it gonna cost ?

  • Zarraya

    I believe that he was talking about the system memory not the amount of RAM.

  • http://twitter.com/KillerGnome KillerGnome

    OMFG I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Devlin/100001425829621 Alex Devlin

    Seems like a mini netbook, but i do love the concept none-the-less.

    How would voice chat services work while you play MMOs?

  • Matija Capak

    Can you tell us what would be the capacity of batteries?(how long will it work? 3,4 hours??)

  • jonas

    does this gonna be expencive or cheap?

  • esse

    come on, can’t w8!

  • Joshuawee5

    does this have a camera device and camera software

  • Anonymous

    Does it have sd slot

  • Anonymous

    Yes it can but no trackpad or pointer only capacitive multitouch display
    Btw love my m11x gen1 if only it was lighter

  • Anonymous

    Yes it can but no trackpad or pointer only capacitive multitouch display
    Btw love my m11x gen1 if only it was lighter

  • Anonymous

    Have you considered using and fusion a Zacate e-350 is much more powerful than atom z760 with it’s radeon graphics much more powerful for gaming
    Or and Ontario if you choose atom because of power it has same radeon gpu as the Zacate but lower power cpu

  • Xenovex

    Aw, I really wish they had some kind of analogue stick systems for fps gaming. In the UI, I’ve seen portal and left 4 dead 2. If it actually can run them, it wouldnt really be practical having to carry around the mouse and have to play it on a solid surface , say, if you were on the bus or something

  • Spleenzorio

    As much as I super want to get one of these I have a few questions slash concerns.

    • I have heard rumors that this won’t even be released in North America, only Asia.

    • What’s stopping me from just buying a regular gaming laptop now instead of waiting for this to be released?

    • Will it be affordable?

  • Clr235

    Will the SwitchBlade change keyboards for games on websites such as Armor Games?

  • Keith

    I doubt it because I think it has to kind of sync to your computer  

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell dont they make this? its freaking awesum

  • Zetzu

    come on razer release this we want this its like porno for gamer 1080p HD super quality gaming porn COME ON THIS IS GONA BE AWESOME RELEASE THIS SOOOOOOOOOON I WILL BUY IT INSTANT!

  • Soulbound

    If heaven was a gaming machine, you have found it. I want in those pearly gaming gates. omg omg. nerdgasm.

  • Qn3le

    My estimate of when the switchblade will be available

    Jan 2012 CES Razer shows final finished product (not a concept anymore), February 2012 Razer switchblade available to China in small quantities, then May 2012 Razer switchblade available to USA, November/December 2012 Switchblade available to the World.

    So Mr ‘ Quite Frankley the result is just Phenomenal’ will you send me a pro-to type to test out and report back this Month?, and I never forgot to say ‘pretty please with sugar on top’

  • Qn3le

    My estimate

    Jan 2012 CES – Razer show final product
    Feb 2012 switchblade released to china in small quantities
    May 2012 razer switchblade available to USA
    December 2012- switchblade available worldwide

    So Dear Mr ‘ quite Frankley the result is just Phenomenal’ can you confirm this estimate

  • kratos

    If you where to play World of Warcraft would you be able to use things like in game leveling guides and things around those lines

  • Razer.com


    128GB SSD, 1024 x 600 resolution, 3G, HDMI-out, Wi-Fi, USB port and runs a full copy of Windows 7 OS

  • Hys

    I as a gamer never look at the keyboard while playing… No gamer uses extra buttons like on a Logitech G11, i don´t know anyone that uses it. This device is cool but it might have problems for some people, just like the one i have mentioned.  Also its good to play old games, but I don’t think the technology will be able to play top end heavy detailed games, not with an atom processor anyway. 

  • http://twitter.com/applerocks155 Philip Alani

    wow dude really? there is no laptop with a 7inch screen in the planet that can fit a 3 ghz processor and graphics like that. it has an intel atom processor

  • Jamal111

    it looks awesome can’t wait but i hope thats not the design u guys are going with, its too plain n boring…just saying

  • razerfan

    and a 18.4″ version
    and the buttons should be mechanical that you can feel you pushed it (with the little screens)
    sry for my bad english i am from austria

  • Josh

    How durable will the final product be. I was wondering if it would be safe to bring to Afghanistan

  • Rmarkryran

    can i surf the net using it??

  • razer.com


  • Turtletalker

     How much RAM does the Razer SwitchBlade have??????????? please answer

  • Turtletalker

      How much RAM does the Razer SwitchBlade have??????????? please answer

  • http://esportspogdi.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/razer-switchblade-a-concept-design-from-razer/ Razer Switchblade – A concept design from Razer « eSports poGDI
  • Just some guy

    Maybe they can change some of the keys into raid frames and the way cast spells by duration tap it for an instant cast hold it down until the spell icon changes to cast that one or set one of them as a default at a certain duration.

  • Joshua Fong

    Ok so this keyboard adapts on the fly? if it can display maplestory’s skills on the keyboard i would totally jizz in my pants

  • Jor-EL

    It’s going to work, it is a very innovating idea. Idealistic a dedicated mobile device with unique functionality will surprise gamers. The only issue is the end result of price and power, since it is touch screen and runs on ssd it will still be a pretty penny. It directly competes with the Alienware m11x and it’s still in development. I see that it’s not going to have a dedicated graphics, it’ll run off intel graphics and the SSD is what is holding the hardware together.

  • Blad3Z

    this is really a very revolutionary piece of hardware. But there are places where it should be improved. I really think that the screen should be about the size of an ipad and thus a bigger keyboard. This is because as gamers i really think not just the keyboard looks, but even the usability plays a big part. From what i see in the videos the keys are pretty cramped(might have a tendency to press the wrong button) and do not have space for your fingers to move freely. I really dont mind it being bigger because seldom gamers would actually choose protability over usability. Hope u take my suggestion.
    Thank you for reading this :D

  • Gabe J

    It looks like its going to have 10 min. of battery @ full gaming. If this is meant for hard-core gamer, this got to have longer battery life.

  • Turtletalker

    Will the LCD keyboard have animations as-well? like on the tiny lcd screens hahaha

  • Shane

    when does it come out     how muck is it   someone needs to respond

  • Monkepro

    Hey I heard this is only going tO be released in china? and is there a testing optin we your humble fans can sign up for. Need mOre updates!!! Goodbye iPad o&c full on wow on the go gg

  • Kay20

    there is a 10′ laptop  with a 2.1 ghz processor and an graphics card ati radeon 3430  about 512 mb  so it is getting close

  • Google

    The price point will decide everything. Wondered where it went after E3. Quite frankly… the results… appear phenomenal.

  • capt575

    can i use steam on it?

  • capt575

    I want to be able to hook headphones up to it to.

  • razerfan:D

    Can it play all PC games smoothly?

  • guest

    Does it let you play on discs?
    Please tell me that this will be in the €250-€350 price range because this is all i can afford and i want to get into PC gaming without using a desktop (because i’m poor :(

  • ThwartAbyss54

    Its a netbook so to do disks youll most likely need an external usb disk drive or you can be like me and pretty much everyone else and use steam/gog/direct2drive :)

  • ThwartAbyss54


  • ThwartAbyss54

    That 128gb ssd is what bothers me. Will i be able to upgrade the hdd/ram?

  • ThwartAbyss54

    Not crysis2 or anything on ultra high but im thinking it could probably push it on low/a little bit of medium.  Hey razer, what about overclockability?

  • ThwartAbyss54

    10′ netbooks come with dual cores at 1.5 that can be overclocked to 2. Their getting there.

  • Jakesnake43

    Will it be comparable with Steam?

  • Surfer [GER]

    Can you tell more about the display(s)?
    As far as I know it will have a 1024×600 Multi-touch-display. But which technology does the current concept use? LED-Backlight, LCD, or AMOLED?

    And what about the displays used for the buttons? Would you be so kind to tell us more about them?

  • http://thevengefulpolyglot.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/razer-blade-gaming-laptop-hoooooly-cow/ Razer Blade Gaming Laptop, Hoooooly Cow « The Vengeful Polyglot

    [...] give to get my hands on one of these, geez! Amazing specs, thin, innovative UI similar to the concept they unveiled earlier this year… I can’t wait until 3 years from now when I can hope to [...]

  • Guest

    How much RAM will the Switchblade have?

  • Sakogu

    Blade is a joke, especially at its price point, give users this, its actually a functional idea, lots of gamers enjoy internet/ casual gaming, and id suggest a option to cut the 128gb ssd in favor of a momentus xt 500gb its similar ish but lower performance larger capacity and about half the price,just make it affordable 500 price point ish, even if it wont run WoW  people would buy it,

  • Kasper3390

    How much will it cost?

  • Chanceb57

    How good is the graphics on the Switchblade?

  • King-in-Yellow

    There still any plans to make a production of this or did this just become the Blade? Not really interested in a full size laptop but this I’d buy so fast.

  • 814k31

    Any chance of making a keyboard for desktop users with this technology?

  • Galiphile

    If you didn’t see it, the new SW:TOR themed equipment coming out in November utilizes this technology.

  • Galiphile

    For those of you inquiring, I don’t believe this device will be seeing consumption any time soon. They used the technology developed here to produce the Razer Blade gaming laptop instead.

  • Kavintruong


  • josh hogie

    great article, however check this link below as other viewpoint


    warm regards,

  • Htwight

    will this still be released? I would probably buy it

  • Sasquatchdude

    will this be released in time for christmas?

  • stenen

    why so very small?

  • guest

    can you use gaming controllers on this?

  • Steven

    Will the Razer Switchblade be under a 1,000 dollars?

  • JJVKiller

    best thing ever!!!!!

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    The Switchblade is still only a concept as of right now.

  • metalas

    It seems to be a small-sized beast… Will it be able to run high-end games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

  • Chris Langan

    Seriously when is this coming out?  It’s been a “concept” for over a year now :(.  The FAQ hasn’t changed in over a year.  All I want is just an update on when it’ll come out.  Will it come out this year?

  • Joseph418

    do you guys ahve any idea of when it will come out? i know you dont know when exactly but im aching to buy one and was just curious to know if you had any idea on when itll come out because id love to know. Thanks

  • pjc6790

    Really hope this goes beyond prototype as this is a fantastic idea

  • Tristanstone

    lets go we are in 2012 and this shit is still not come outs cmon razer u  make alot of shitty keyboard with  key bug  u can throw this out right now we see all video its working fine like ur names  but this is not the best things ont the market my opignon  its put  mic and sound entry with 2 usb  on it and i will buy it if it run counter-strike global offensive so i can play when i take the planes

  • FlashMX

    How does that keybord icons change? can i create my own icons put them into buttons and assign to for example f1 key? or where i can find wich games that keyboard suports perfect? im playing lineage2 and i like switchblade but i need to know does that keyboard supports my game :) i think that lineage will run normal on atom but this is question too… does the lineage2 will be enough the speeds of atom?

  • Mathias Haehner

    how much will it cosst??

  • Lisowskimax

    this looks amazing i hope it come out soon so i can play console titles without anybody distracting me.

  • Gonzalesryan

    can i play dota 2 on Razer Switchblade?

  • Mattgallo1

    Can I browse on it?

  • RazerSwitchbladeDoWant!

    How would fps work? I’m sure you would use the keyboard to shoot and move but what about turning?

  • RazerRex

    Dear Razer can u guys tell me do u still want to develop razer switchblade since ur already sell razer blade laptop,cause to me it is still a good and nice product it can be razer netbook,small and portable easy to bring anywhere,it is time for razer to become a computer product like dell,asus or acer producing laptop,netbook and dekstop,can anyone tell me is razer still gonna develop razer switchblade really wnna make it my netbook

  • Razer Rex

    can you tell me is razer still gonna develop razer switchbalde its gonna be and awsome razer netbook beside razer blade laptop,really looking forward for it,if ur guys didnt develop it anymore can ur guys sell me the prototype :( really want it so badly razer should become like Dell,Asus and Acer produce all type of computer laptop,netbook and dekstop spread razer brand everywhere

  • Anonymous


  • oliver

    wow awesome!!!!! im buy it instand when its posible

  • Flatline_elite_gaming

    I hope this comes in keyboard form for pc some day as this is the future in pc gaming and program control. One software to control icons for games and programs.

  • THeOfficialLed

    I see where your coming from wanting the whole no lag. But if you want it to be that fast and that small the new i9 processor would have to be small and graphics are good enough don’t always try to make something good better. I’d wish it would have a good sound card to support full experience with my tiamat 7.1 but if it doesn’t its ok. Its good enough for a 7×7 portable handheld gaming laptop

  • Argonil

     First of all, let me say that I think it’s a really great idea.

    Second, I think it should have shoulder buttons like a gameboy, to optimize your clicks per second…

    Third, I’m not expecting it to run Battlefield 3 smoothly, which is clearly impossible, but please make it good enough to run games like World of Warcraft smoothly. Even in high populated areas.

    Cheers, and good luck with the development. :)

  • Kevin S

    Are there any updates on this? I read that the ETA on it was 2012, but have found no recent information. Could you by chance explane when or if this will ever be available?

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