• Posted on: October 26, 2010
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The Razer Anansi – The Ultimate MMO Gaming Keyboard

In the cutthroat world of MMOs, efficiency is imperative as every measured move can be the difference between a successful raid and a “Leeroy Jenkins.”

Lucky for you, it is always a union of style and substance at Razer, with every product expertly and passionately designed by the best in the business. We proudly give you the next MMO weapon to join the Razer Naga at the forefront of gaming innovation…

From the great minds that brought you the best selling Razer Naga (yes, that’s us), we bring you the Yin to the Naga’s Yang. The Razer Anansi is the world’s first true MMO gaming keyboard, and boy does it perform as well as it looks.

Now you can proudly stand tall as the vanguard of your guild, confidently leading your raids and pillaging waves of hordes for their gold, potions, and that ever precious XP.

With your left hand on the Razer Anansi, and your right mastering the Razer Naga, those impossible to beat boss fights will be a thing of the past when they are introduced to the Twin Ambassadors of Pain.

Engineered to be the perfect fit for the true MMO gamer, we have built in a few nifty functions that you might want to pay attention to:

7 thumb modifier keys:

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling with your awkward key binds in the middle of a hectic boss fight or PVP skirmish. Seven thumb-based modifier keys allow you to increase the number of commands you are able to execute from your current ±12 ability keys to 7x that number, allowing you to instantly and effortlessly actuate every possible in-game spell or ability and still have room for dozens of your own custom macros.

100+ programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording:

The Razer Anansi’s fully-programmable keys allow you to further expand your repertoire of boss-killing macros, giving you total control with convenient and instantaneous command executions. In addition, you can switch between up to 20 profiles for each game or avatar at the press of a button.

Five additional gaming macro keys:

Whether it’s vanquishing your adversaries or preparing for your next quest, the five additional gaming macro keys on the left side of the Razer Anansi let you easily access extra abilities and commands such as switching equipment presets and buffing your teammates.

Bring on the pain

With the Razer Anansi, your MMO gaming performance can now reach its full potential making awkward ctrl-alt-shift modifiers a thing of the past. Team it up with any version of the Razer Naga and you’ve got a deadly combination capable of uncompromising, ruthless efficiency.

You’ll be tanking the bosses like an iron wall, topping the healing meters and ruling the DPS in no time.

Look out world, the Razer Anansi is here to shake you to your very foundation, and like his fellow Razer brethren, it will be here to stay.

Find out more about the Razer Anansi

Don’t worry folks. October may be almost over, but MMOktoberfest has yet to run its course. Stay tuned to our Facebook channel for more exclusive news.

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  • mic

    when will be the date of release of anansi?

  • James

    Nice I’ll be getting one of these alone with the blackwidow ultimate :) now all you need to do is get the naga epic and the mamba in a left handed version and your have a lot of business from me :) Also planning on getting the Megasoma or Ironclad maybe both lol and the Megalodon and the Orca.

  • Rick

    Does this keyboard also have an USB-port on his backsite? Its great for Wireless mouse adapters.

  • Aaron

    Argh, so mean of you Razer folks! Teasing us with free swag but not having pre-orders open on the Anansi and Epic Naga so that we can take advantage of the swag!

  • Johnny

    Can not wait for this to be available for pre-orders, finally a mac compatible razer keyboard besides tht pro solution one WOOT

  • http://www.saglikli.biz Sifali Bitkiler

    Hi friend did you’r have new archives ? I into article improve for me … ..

  • http://www.akyakatatil.com akyaka apart

    Hello mans do you’r had news articles ? I care article develop for my dad … ..

  • Zen

    I’m stuck deciding weather to get this or the Lycosa… This is definitely a beast though…

  • Amber

    When is the release date?

  • Trent

    Release date please?

  • Ray88101

    When can you preorder? Been waitng for the release date or preferrably the preorder date!!!!

  • Tiredofwaiting

    Come on Razer. If this thing ships in December, you better get on that release date. You’ve only got 10 days of December left. Seems asinine to take pre-orders on something that goes on sale in a week.

  • Lxfiveo94

    Brilliant execution here guys. This is on my son’s christmas list, but looks like he, nor anyone else for that matter, will be getting one under their tree. Not sure you’ve heard, but most companies put their new product releases BEFORE Christmas.

  • Hot-g

    i want this, but i would like to know release date

  • Tehxdx

    So mad, I want this really bad. Hurry up and release it damnit!

  • Annoyed

    Was planning on picking this up for Xmas, given your website saying it’s being released in December for a long time now. It is now December 31st and it is STILL not out, and even worse you don’t even have the decency to put an actual accurate release date so that potential customers might not be left in the dark.

    Congratulations, you just lost a sale. For a company that prides itself on being so in touch with their customer base, you are very clueless.

  • Exit1enter

    Its to bad that Razer doesnt have enough consideration to update the page and provide potential customers with some kind of accurate eta. I really liked the key board but Ill have to settle for a different one cause this really turns me off to Razer.

  • Exit1enter

    Seems like Razer has no problem keeping up with these posts. I had posted yesterday on here saying in a pretty nice way that razer is kind of turning me off to them buy not providing us with updated info on the release date. Well, the post has already been deleted. Good Razer, glad your paying attention, now how about updating the anansi page.

  • Davholde

    Common courtesy and intelligent business policy would have necessitated some sort of post updating potential customers with the “new” expected release date. I have also purchased the Elite Naga which is on back order. It appears from the outside that there is some sort of logistical and/or management problems (and we can toss in PR for could measure) within Razer. You have a good thing going here. Start acting like respectable business.

  • Zehla

    Lets hope it isn’t riddled with malfunctions like the crappy Lycosa.

  • Joe

    Saw some pictures of one being unboxed at playworksonline. Thought the looks really met my expectations, I did see a couple of disappointments: 1- the keyboard requires a separate USB port to use the illumination feature (that means this keyboard needs 2 USB ports), 2- The keyboard does not have any USB pass-through, meaning you can’t hook up your mouse all cozy through the keyboard like you could through the BlackWidow Ultimate. I’m sure the other features will be great, I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to deploy this thing since my workstation sits about 15 feet from where the keyboard and mouse are located.

  • Afro Penguin

    Yeah I am also trying to deside between the Lycosa and this keyboard…I mean other then then 7 modifier keys and more lighting options, the Lycrosa looks nicer and is smaller. It also has its media keys in a sleeker more stylish look (and really, who doesnt enjoy some flare in their rig?). Plus Lycosa is cheaper. Major deciding factor is being able to make macros with the naga using these new modifier keys.

  • Richard_a

    when mac Os user will can download drivers?

  • Ribkage

    Anyone that get one of these have any issues? I got mine from amazon.com lastnight and was ecstatic. Until I realized how insane unresponsive a few of the keys are. The entire numpad requires you to very slowly push the keys firmly and the L and ESC buttons (noticed these the most while typing, may be more) also dont even register if pressed quickly.

    Did I just get a defective unit?

  • Joshboto

    Got my keyboard today and the E, F, Right Arrow and 0 keys do not work. I actually had to typ som o this with th windows onscreen keyboard.

  • Tricia

    Well, this has been released for a bit now, my question is – Can we get an ETA on the mac layout? I would really like to get this keyboard, but since my FB post wasn’t addressed and you have no forums, I hope you see this.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com Cult of Razer

    The Mac layout for the Anansi will ship by end May. Stay tuned for updates!

  • mycra

    any news about the mac layout? it still shows as “coming soon” on the store page.

  • Animayhemz

    Regardless of keyboard layout are there mac drivers available for the windows layout? I am currently gaming on a macbook pro but plan to get a PC rig in the future and I don’t want to have to buy both versions of this keyboard. 

  • KJDoyle

    Mac layout please….seems like “coming soon” is not soon enough! I am happy that you folks realize that Mac gamers want a Mac keyboard, not a Windows version with Mac drivers. Looking forward to my Mac Anansi hopefully in the very near future.

  • oxize

    Hello, im thinking about buying the keyboard, but just want to know if there is anything wrong with the keyboard, or is it a good keyboard for mmo games.

  • Lareneon

    It’s the end of June. Mac gamers would really like this……… Cmon razer.

  • mycra
  • Daegoreth

    Is it going to be any Europe version ?

  • Brad Brown

    Tech question for anyone… I have been using the Anasi for about a week now and it WAS working fine.  I had the drivers installed on both Windows (Boot Camp) and my MAC OS.

    Today the keyboard is not working at all and the only light on when it is plugged in via the USB ports is the green “Gaming” light in the upper right corner of the keyboard.  When plugging/unplugging it my computer says it is an unrecognized device.  I have tried installing the Drivers again multiple times but nothing seems to be working?

    Has anyone seen this before or does anyone have ideas on how to solve this issue?  I don’t want to box this back up and send it back at this point.  Thanks!

  • Aly T.

    i have had this keyboard since christmas. my left arrow key is still lit up but it’s not working. i have been playing with the arrow keys and not WASD for years and i would really like to know how to unstick this key or whatever the heck is wrong with it? i tried unplugging and replugging the keyboard and restarting the computer

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