• Posted on: September 17, 2010
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Tokyo Game Show with Razer|Nerdalert – Business and pleasure

Japan has always been one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever had the privilege to travel to with its long history in gaming and alternative pop culture. Tokyo Game Show bundles everything into one taut package and serves it on a 4 day conveyor belt of awesomeness. The past 2 days have been deemed as the “Business Days” by the TGS organizer which means that entry to this massive annual event is exclusively reserved for members of the press and various business development suits.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking that the show floor wasn’t buzzing with much energy and excitement for all things gaming. TGS has something for everyone, and so did Razer, as throngs of journalists and suits came to ogle at our master showcase.

Soak it all in because Tokyo is beautiful this time of the year.
Despite it being exclusive to the media, it was still bumper to bumper traffic. So to speak.
The first entrants rush in.
“This Razer BlackWidow will be mine!”
Rocking out 81 Keys on the Razer BlackWidow and the quintessential MMORPG weapon, the Razer Naga.
Studies show that the Razer Orca makes your suits look better. True story.
The Japanese media seem to love the RazerImperator/Megasoma combo.
Our booth babe has a tendency to skive in order to game. We wholly approve.
WeMade FOX were to show off their skills with Quake Wars at the WebMoney stage. But not before a show featuring this guy.
If it wasn’t random enough, they decided to dig out this little number.
In preparation for a friendly battle in Quake Wars.
After their gig, they decided to drop by our booth for a little surprise face-off with unsuspecting journalists.
One of the many who couldn’t resist taking pictures with our girls.

Tomorrow the floodgates open and then things are going to get turned up a few notches. WeMade FOX will be making an appearance at the Razer booth on the 18th of September (Saturday) to face-off against Vae Victis, Japan’s premier Counter-Strike team. They will be returning on the next day to take on the challenges of the daring public in various Quake Wars challenges.

Winners will take home Razer gear and attendees will be treated to a bunch of Razer swag, given throughout random moments in the day. If you happen to be in Tokyo, ninja your way down to the Makuhari Messe for an amazing time with fellow gamer kin.

Expect more pictures of fancy cosplayers, manic Razer fans and of course sights and sounds from around the Tokyo Game Show coming to you soon!

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  • http://www.zombie-scape.webs.com Jordan

    This look’s like it would’ve been a ton of fun to go to!

  • Jermaine Harmse

    you guys are amazing… =) wish i could be apart of this..


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