Just got your Razer Megalodon Gaming Headset? Do you hear static, noise or audio breakage?

A few of our fans have written in with feedback on their Razer Megalodon giving out a slight noise in their headphones when they first plug it in. Some of you have provided feedback that you hear instances of static or ‘white noise’.  Over in the labs of Razer, our engineers put back their hard hats, dug in and discovered the cause of these instances and why they happen.

There are typically two different type of noises. While it can be hard to differentiate between the two, you might wish to follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Hear static noise or audio breaks?

You might want to follow these steps to determine it’s your system’s issue.

1. Check that your Windows OS is up to date. If not, update to latest version at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com

2. Check that your system is up to date, especially updating all sound drivers and USB board drivers from your motherboard/computer manufacturer.

3. If you have an external USB hub, check and see if the Razer Megalodon works when connected through it. If so, there may be a driver update for your USB port from your motherboard manufacturer.

4. We also suggest trying your Razer Megalodon on another computer system, this will help isolate where any problem may be.

Vista users want to make sure they have installed these Hot Fixes available from Microsoft.

Vista users also want to insure the Service Pack (SP2) update from Microsoft is installed on their computers.

Do you hear a sound which is similar to a “rushing wind” or white noise when using the microphone to communicate or record with the Razer Megalodon?

You might wish to tune down your Razer Megalodon’s microphone sensitivity which is picking up background/ambient noise due to its extreme sensitivity. The gaming grade engineered, noise filtering microphone is amplified in its natural state and this may cause the sounds as described above. You can do this by selecting the “mic sens” button on your Megalodon control pod and adjusting the level accordingly.

Vista users can also adjust the mic sense in Windows by doing the following:

1.     In Windows Vista – Click start, select ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Sound’.
2.    On the  Recording tab, Select the Razer Megalodon microphone , and click on properties.
3.    Adjust the level of the microphone under the levels tab.

If you still face problems with your Razer Megalodon unit even after trying out the two steps above, please visit us at http://www.razersupport.com or send us an email at  support-us@razersupport.com.  Our technical support personnel are standing by.

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  • http://www.maniacgamers.com Mikael

    Hey razer. I’m having a problem with the Razer Mamba. I’ve had it for a month or two, and it sometimes doesnt move left/right or up/down. It only moves in a straight line vertically or diagonally. Also when I switch from Wireless to wired, I get a BSOD =[. Can you guys help out? Sorry bout posting here but I dont know where else to post this lol. You guys should open up a forum on the site.


  • Preston

    Hey, Razer.
    When I listen to music, my Megalodon would start to stutter. I tried all of the above already and can’t seem to fix it. Help!!


  • []sTiLL:wAsTeD[]

    What do you mean that if I buy Razer Megalodon now. If I receive it do I need to follow this steps??? Do Megalodon works on Windows Xp???

  • SoMoney

    Just got my Razer Megalodon today!!! Hmmmmmm the Microphone doesn’t work, cant hear myself when I press MIC LEVEL…. Damn, Right out of the box Razer, how could this pass QC?! EPIC FAIL.

  • niels

    My mic works rather bad as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

  • Jasper

    My mic doesnt work as well.
    Sometimes it doesn’t work and it’s WAY TOO loud at xfire.
    Perhaps my configurations are not OK or something…
    Although sound is great ;)

  • Jasper

    Of course i mean Razer Megalodon :)

  • KlOwN

    having trouble with it. My mic wont work. It doesnt pick it up. Wen i try using it on vent. It says mic is used in another program ?

  • Dylan

    So whenever I talk in vent with my headset it gets terrible feedback if other people are talking i plug in my 10 dollar head set and i don’t have this problem so i can’t talk when anyone is talking at all or else it just sends everything they just said back to them

  • HybridPanda

    Dylan ^

    I can tell you what your doing wrong there, you have the input for your vent set as your sound card, so you are actually broadcasting your friends back at them, you need to go vent setup and change the input to razer megalodon (microphone)

    Also make sure if you do have that selected there is not “What u hear” selected in the mixer below.

    On my own problem, i have the horrible constant hiss in the background, people can still hear me but it is not fixed, tried FW updater, new drivers, installed hotfixes, windows is fully updated.

    It works perfectly for about 10 seconds when first plugged in.
    Then goes hissy and static’y

  • Bosco

    Hey, had my megaladons for a while now. just recently bought a Belkin wireless-N USB adapter, and when i plug that in, the sound in my megaladons becomes pretty scratchy. the second i unplug the adapter, sound is clear again. i do not know if this is isolated to my megaladons or all sound on my PC because i do not have any other speakers or headphones. if anyone knows a solution i would be very grateful

  • http://www.squidoo.com/bestgamingheadset Megalodon

    My mic has been playing up too, but it seems intermittent – have been unable to identify a pattern to work out what might be causing it. Anyone got any bright ideas?

  • Jay

    i have haveing probolem with my Razer megaladon every time i talk and every time i dont talk thair is stadic thew the mic and it starting to make me really mad, it just started 2 days ago. i even did the update for it and that dident help at all.

  • David

    Hey there Razer,
    First off, nice job on the surround system on the megalodons, love it. only problems is that sometimes, randomly, the sound just shuts down, as in i cant hear anything anymore, i have to replug them to get it to work. any solutions?

  • Oskar

    Hello Razer!
    I have problem with me Razer Megalodon. Me mic is making something like double voice, me voice is doubling. Also me
    mic has a bad quality when i’m speaking in CS etc.
    Please help me!

  • Differ

    Hey, i just got my megalodon headset.. plugged it in and im not getting any Output sound or input sound. The headset itself is working but its not sending and receiving sound from the computer. windows 7 32bit

  • BubbleTea

    Hi, i just got my megalodon headset and when i try to call someone on skype that said that i have a problems with the recording device please help me (i got window 7 64 bit)
    and when i try to update the firmware that stay at 0%

  • Ivan

    Hey Razer I just got my Megalodon, which took forever I might add even though it had 2 day shipping, and the center, front left and front right speaker, and the 2.0 light don’t work at all and I’ve tried on different computers. Any ideas? Nice quality control by the way i think it might have been noticable if it had been tested before shipped out.

  • Thomas

    MY megalodon won’t give me any sound. It only works over skype

  • Seb

    The sound in this thing is awesome, but the microphone in horrible. Are you gonna fix that, or am I gonna have to return this and switch back to G35?

  • Oliver

    Hey, I’m on windows 7 and the fix worked, bringing the mic level in control panel down to 15% did the trick. Still plenty loud (I think that’s the problem) and the static is completely gone, checked with Audacity and its near nothing all the time, voice comes thru crystal clear too. I was disappointed at first at the quality of the mic, but with this fix its back on even ground with every other mic i’ve tried.

  • http://razor Alexander

    hello, first of im really disinpointed about this headset it wont work i did all u said but its still say static things when people or i just hear music its sound like a robot grrrgrrrggr really really mad , its not a cheap headset , i got it today what can i do ?? do u expect to do something at it or? do i just need to live with it and lost all my money on something that wont work , hope u get this solved else i send it back case it can’t be real , i also order the naga it was cool and the best mouse but the headset ohhh god get it away from the market if u dont fix it..

  • Mike Stauner

    hey razer:

    i just bought a new pc off of cyberpower, and up until last night, i could play mw2 WITH SOUND. and now i can’t, i tried testing the headphones in hardware and sound, and i can hear that, but not mw2, youtube, etc. anyone know anything?

  • LOL

    You foolish they will not answear you

    Ha you got screwed

  • O-boy

    Hi, Loved the Megalodon but the lights on my ear cups suddenly won’t turn on when plugged. how do you turn them back on?

  • Mark

    My problem is that my mic and sound turns off ~ every half hour, and only stops when i replug.
    Maybe this can be a help for the razor team:
    1. Once i updated the driver, and it only bugged while play World of Warcraft, and not while playing Wc3.
    2. When i play WoW and it bugs, my windows 7 reports java errors.
    3. Recently the headset made a very loud noise, which continued even though i muted the sound or turned the sound down, also that, i fixed by replugging.
    Hope it helped and that you can fix it ^^

  • http://www.pablov3d.com pablo vicentin

    Hey Guys, I just got the megalodon today, I have the same problem, I get static noise on the backgruond when I listen to music. it only goes away if turn the volume of the nortwest and norteast speakers to less than a half.(which suxs).
    I do have the latest firmeware by the way.
    Im a razer fun, i do own quite a few razer products, but with this one i was a bit disapointed.
    Here in Argentina this product is $230 US dollars, is pretty expensive headset and I hope you guy can give a solution to this.

  • Jordan Hoskins

    Hi, My Megalodon headset works great but one problem, had a problem with feed back because my mic volume was combining itself with my windows mic volume. After I turned both down it worked great but now I can’t get it to work with Starcraft 2, No sound-nothing? It comes on sometimes when I’m fooling around with the sound settings but when I set it to Megalodon3 7.1 it turns off.

  • John

    I’ve had the same problem as “Jordan Hoskins.” I am unable to get ANY of the surround sound options to work on Starcraft 2 with the Megalodon. I have updated all drivers with EVERYTHING on my computer, attempted the two possible fixes listed above, and tried the headset out on multiple media operations. None of this has worked. The only way I can get sound from Starcraft 2 through the Megalodon is if I set SC2 audio settings to Stereo, and not quad/surround/5.1/7.1 surround. (by the way, I am running Vista 64bit).

    I have an old Logitech headset that I’ve had for three years and seems to work just fine with ALL applications; I am a big Razer fan and don’t understand what the hiccup is here.

  • Wil

    Oh john that wasnt a problem with the headset that was just the game itself they just patched it so your good now

  • Ian

    Hi, for months now ive been having trouble with my Megalodon headphones. On average 20 minutes into any game the headphones will die and will have to be reset. I have tried running the firmwear updates but they dont run properly…
    If anyone can help me with this issue please contact me at Ianwilliams@live.ca

  • Kevin

    This thing sucks…..i wan’t my money back. My mic doesn’t work, when i use skype i’m on zero volume. When i am gaming, i can hear intereference or a hissing sound. I’m returning this asap and i don’t recomend anyone buy this…

  • Natr1

    Hi razer, I’ve tried all those options, but still there is some static when I talk to my friends ( vent ). So, could new soundcard help to fix this problem or what…?

  • AhMeDo_X

    Mic Problem…
    When i talk or even raise the Mic lever a single bar i hear ECHO!!
    and if i raise it all the way i will hear echo everywhere and it just wont stop!!
    Fix it!!!

  • Sean Hatton

    My brother just got his Megalodon in the mail today. He says it sounds AMAZING. But his old 5$ mic is MUCH better. Me being on the reciving side, it is HIGHLY annoying. They say it has noise reduction on the system… That’s about as likely as it having a built in bidet. Noise reduction removes background noise. I can hear EVERY mouse click, keyboard press, and the humm of his liquid cooled computer… Oh, I also have a CONSTANT hissing… which is not even present in the room itself. I would say the headset is “Noise Creation”. He will be sending it back in the next day or two, and getting a logitech. Razer, you screwed up on this one. Do the customers right, and do a recall, or replace with working units.
    Someone annoyed by that humm in his ear for 4 hours straight.

  • Rasmus Pedersen

    I have the exact same problem as Sean Hatton above me, the only difference is that I’m the one who owns it, and I really don’t like the idea that I’m annoying my friends with a 149$ headset.

  • Michael Nielsen

    Is it not a BIG FAIL that the Mic. pick up the audio from the headset it selv !! i don’t pay 149$ to piss of my frinds.

    i have follow all the steps abov, updating my Megalodon Firmware, tuned down my mic sens, and lvl, on the Mrelstorm and in Windows 7.

    whot more can i do ?

  • spawn4k

    Hi I tried the above things but none work. I tried my megalodon on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and on all only headset works i mean sound. Microphone doesnt record my voice at 1st it worked ok for like a month but now its dead. Im not shure whats wrong. Otherwise nice work on 7.1 system its awesome, too bad some games dont have the 7.1 option yet…

  • HellnRoses

    You guys sucks ass

  • r0n1n

    So I just bought a pair of these through DELL and had the same problem that everyone else is reporting on Win7 x64. The good news is that updating the firmware from the downloads section on hear fixed it up perfectly.

    The update to the firmware, was a bit dodgy, however. I followed the instructions to get it to install but was not prompted to specify the driver location. I had to go into the Device Manger, double click the entry for the Megalodon’s, then manually specify the driver location. Once I did that, Windows installed the drivers happily, and then I was able to run the firmware updater.

    In all, I’m set, these things work pretty darn well, and I’m happy with the purchase.

  • Euqrot

    I also got these through Dell today and did the driver update along with everything else the tech support had me do, Only it never fixed that hissing/humming/picking up every thing in the background on vent my friends tell me to just put my 5 year old Plantronics headset back on =(

  • Abdulrahman

    Just bought it today! came home, plugged it in.. BOOM!
    I got Blue Screen of DEATH!. I tired to restart my PC many times. does not help out.
    I wish I never bought them at all!

  • pred

    why is the sound in 7.1 so hollow i cant find a single game where 7.1 sounds good my old cheep 5.1 headset is way better
    the stereo however is awesome but thats not what i got thees
    for i got no response from the support at all what a joke

  • larry

    Hey Razer. I’m having a problem with my megalodon. when beginning to play counter-strike, listen to music and talking on skype. it starts to sizzle until it stops. log hours I have to unplug and plug again. and everything starts again. I do not know what to do, any solution? I’m nervous I can not use it anymore. lol

  • jeremy

    Noise cancelling microphone??? Even with the firmware update the noise level generated by this microphone is deafening. There are months of complaints about this product defect in this forum. When are Razer going to fix their product?

  • Jinn

    the only way to reduce/remove the background noise is to lower the mic level to 3 bars of the megalodon
    mic sensor all the way down
    and windows mic level between 1 and 3

    i don’t believe this is a fix but atleast you will be able to use the mic without background noise
    headset is great but the mic really sucks

  • Deadline77

    Hi razor . i bought me ur razor megalodon and the mic doesnt works at all.even i found out i cant use skype ,too.and why r u drivers stop the download at 0%?.i have many problems with ur headset , but i dont want any problems with such an expencive item.and why the box not inculed some install cd?.Pls do something for helping me or use. ur products are one of the tops for us gamer, but it if doesnt works its useless at all.Anyway pls help me . i like my headset i dont wanna bring it back ,thanks.

  • Dave

    Thank for the support Razer, i bought Megalodon today and i was having Microphone Issue.
    Update did fix it.
    I also updated the version with the firmware download.
    Great stuff. Im going to play.

  • Lolufail

    I bet 90% of the people here complaining about the quality of the product just fail at setting their settings right. You guys should look at yourself before pointing fingers.

  • Mark

    Hey Razer, when i plug in my Megalodon straight into the usb port everything works perfectly. I am needed to use a USB HUB(4port) for lan tornaments, so when i plug my Razer Copperhead mouse, Razer Arctosa keyboard, Razer Megalodon headset, only my headset gives problems, like the static sound when sound is produces from the computer. so what does this mean? not suitable for SUB HUBS?

  • Sean HE

    Damn! My Megalodon’s Micphone works really bad on recording / voice chatting, it creats noise and the noise canceling function doesnt work at all, i am using the Windows 7 64 bit system, and i already updated all the updates and installed the Drivers of Megalodon like the youtube video tutorial says, step by step, but the problem did not fixed i hope razer can find a solution for it, if still can not sovle i rather return my Megalodon and buy a logitech G35, 7.1 + cheapper

  • Sean He

    This Headset made me waited 11 days to deliver, and got problem at first day use it, it took me whole weekend to fix it, and problem did not sovle, so disappoint…. D:

  • Sean He

    I dont even think Razer will take time to look @ this….. i guess i just wasted my money + my time on razer

  • Dylan

    This is a terrible waste of money if you have Windows Vista or 7 64 Bit.

    I called the support number and got the run around twice. 150$ Headset = Doesnt work, 20$ Microsoft headset = Works like a charm.

    Contact me razer, this must get fixed or im dumping your products for good.

  • Bellgarion

    I am wondering if i should buy the Razer Megalodon. i have had the g35 for a week and its the worst thing i have ever bought. Crackling sounds, static and all that bad things. But now when i read the posts here i`not quite sure i have to change the g35 to a razer megalodon or just refund my money…

  • Mb

    Ive had the same issue’s stated above with being able to hear but cannot use mic and if i can its horrible static

  • 4nt1chr1st

    20 min gaming without problems and then suddenly… NO SOUND ?!? WHAT THE HELL oO

  • Brent

    yeah my megalodon worked awesome for the first month, mic quality was questionable but not too bad, then all the sudden it “breaks down” with a whole bunch of static and im like k whatever plug it back in, next twenty minutes breaks down again. kept trying to fix it but now it lasts for like ten seconds before going aosjdauisehU EGHFBRAHGDRFHA then shutting down. after reading all these qq comments (no offense) im starting to think its a manufacturing problem.


    I REALLY love my Megalodon, but i have it like 3 months, and now i am having problems with the light in the headset, now is like null the only way to see the BLUE RAZER LOGO light in the headset is at night in a room without windows in total darkness inside de covers of the bed, hmmmm im still thinking if i was wrong in put my trust choosing this between the Logitech G35 and Turtle Beach Ear Force X41.

    i still hope for good warranty of a new Megalodons or i will get my refund and buy someones that works with PS3 to i love PC but my brother will buy and PS3 this Christmas and i dont have console periperials

  • Chris

    Just got my brand new Megalodon today in the mail. The mic quality is terrible. Sounds like I’m in a wind tunnel, or very staticy. Tried the new firmware but it didn’t help. Hope Razer can help me out because I want to be able to keep this headset, the sound quality is amazing, but I won’t be able to if people can’t tolerate my microphone on vent ><

  • Mike

    Ive Gone through all the run arounds that Razer has to offer and they say that a powered usb hub may fix your issue’s but they are not even sure. Has anyone else tried this because i dont feel like buying a powered usb hub and it failing . I also heard that it may be shutting off due to overheating issue’s the sound box control gets really hot because there’s no vents for the hot air to get out.That people have opened it up and seen differnce’s in it lasting longer because its not getting hot(I Wouldn’t open it myself cuz it voids there warranty’s)

  • Bjew

    NEVER ever had so much trouble with a headset before.
    i tried following a trial video on how to set up everything, nothing worked as cordinated, extremely annoying buzzing sound all the time from the mic, i tried everything and it’s starting to get very annoying.
    never gonna buy headset from razer again, seriously

  • Pauleh

    Same issues with mic, did all fixes, contacted support no luck, sending headset back for refund off amazon, looking to get the g35 off logitech instead.

    VERY disappointed, I’m on my 3rd razer mouse, 1st razer keyboard, still sporting my mantis mouse mat, I love razer but the problems with the mic are a joke.

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  • Dogma

    I love my headset dudes :D Thx it was worth the money it IS the best headset out on the market right now.

    And all of you guys please realease a manual how to open the damn sound caaaard!? I wanna see whats inside :P

    I love that you dont need any disks or stuff for it .. But i actually kinda miss it, please make some cool features like a cool sidebar or something.. atleast make something so we can enjoy our headsets to the fullest.

  • Screwyoucookie

    Trying every single method I’m still having that problem.
    Mice are great, but the headset is really disappointing.

  • Arkheios

    This is really pissing me off, my microphone is very noicy and none of these steps has worked for me… I bought a G35 then returned it for a refund because I didn’t like it. Then I bought a Megalodon and now the microphone is even worse than my previous headset……. Bad quality for too much money…

  • Matthew

    This just says SHODDY DESIGN everywhere.

  • Awu95

    my lights on the ear pieces where the snake heads are dont light up i tried to update to the latest firmware already but still no…. what can i do? HELP

  • B-m0n3y

    I had this problem with the extreme background noise and my voice was very faint. I have to turn the volume level for the mic in the windows properties to about 50 / 100 and it started getting better, then I turned the MIC LEVEL to 1 or 0 and the problem was fix, not the MIC SENS as started above by razor! Turnt he mic level down and the windows usb device recording level down and it will sound fantastic, I am using Windows 7 32, I have also had the same issue with my Macbook and it is the super sensitive razor mic that is the issue. Thankfully malestrom box seems to keep the setting when disconnected. There are no updates or drivers at this time. windows updates have NOTHING to do with the issuse. Nice headphone, simulated surround still sucks, not as advertised. but overall worth the money. Thanks Razer!

  • Mrsox

    im having this problem, up to the point where all sound stops coming from the headset and im forced to unplug and re plug my usb headset very annoying

  • I love my headphones… got the same problem with the mic as everyone-else here talking. Payed up for the headset and it has the best sound i’ve ever heard from a headset. Still for the money, the mic wasnt worth it.

  • Michael R

    I got same problem, did u solved ur problem ?

  • Nate

    will this product work for mac ….

  • Bleij

    i updated all the drivers, got the firmware update and went trough a lot of settings. still i hear a small message (white noise?) wich is in english but not clear enough to make out the words every 10-30 seconds. after a while i have to close the mmorpg that i am playing and i still cant get my mic working. if the problem persists the next 2-3 days ill be returning the megalodon and go for a cheaper headset that actually works.

  • Theamotion

    Sound is great, microphone is terrible. I cannot get rid of the hissing/static noise from my mic. Even with sensitivity 0 and level 0 with it turned down in Windows, I get a hissing noise. It is very frustrating, makes everyone I game with think I have a fan pointing at my mic.

  • sander

    I have the exact same problem on my Razer Banshee. Static noise everytime a sound is playing or the microphone is activated. Everything is up to date except Banshee firmware. Its 3.48 and I’m not able to update to 3.52, it just says “Update is not compatible with the current version” or something like this. Why?

  • Ucorsell

    Nothing works on my megalodon. Well the mic does but I can’t hear anything or anyone talking but myself. I tried everything that was told to me. Even emailing he support team 2days ago and no response, this is very disappointing for the amount of money i spend on razer products. I have a windows 7 x64 os. I just need a little help the headset is awesome looking but i aint buy it for its looks. I need it to work! so if anyone cant possibly help me i would be appreciated!

  • Weeman

    I’m still having problems with audio breakage even after doing everything Razer technicians suggested. I recommend that noone buy this headset. I’ve been trying to get this solved for 6 months now.

  • Airwalker888

    my lights wont turn off even when the computer is off…is that suppose to be like that?

  • http://twitter.com/faylure Manuel Groß

    i got the same problem. is it solved yet?

  • Joohyung86

    has anyone updated firmware on the headset it self post feburary release?
    has that fix the issue on the mic at all?
    i want to find this out before i purchase the dam thing

  • Spartan069

    I’m having the exact same issue… worked fine, but reformatted my computer and now it wont work properly.

  • GeeGLD

    This is ridiculous, I am also having the same microphone problems and these instructions only provide a way to turn down the static and does not actually remove the problem. Nice to see they just give you a work around.
    This isn’t good enough when I have a £10 microphone on desk that is 10 x clearer then this hunk of junk glued on to a side of existing headphones. I bought this headset expecting so much more considering the quality of your mice and other products of which I own.
    How about getting rid of the static Razer? Your firmware update doesn’t help,
    And I wouldn’t advertise your microphone as “The gaming grade engineered, noise filtering microphone”. It pretentious and simply not true.
    Pull your finger out your arse Razer. This is simply unacceptable.

  • Pajstrup

    tried every single option including updating the firmware in the “control box” – nothing works, white noise 24/7 while communicating with others. The headset is fine as long as you don’t use the microphone.
    Indeed very disappointed having to pay such a large amount of dough and then end up with a worse setup then before.

  • Pajstrup

    that is not your headset’ fault – that is your motherboards USB not shutting down when your computer is.
    Not all motherboards got that feature of USB turning off upon shutting down the computer, so either check for driver/updates for the motherboard or buy a new one with this feature.

  • Pajstrup

    A mate and i both bought the headset and we are both experiencing “white noise” all the time – 2 totaly different computer setups and i even tried a third setup and the problem still remains. I am definately never buying Razer headset again unless they come up with a fix sometime soon and an apology for making a faulty device.

  • Pajstrup

    Some motherboards even got a “jumper” you can move to enable the usb’ turning off.

  • Igor Toebe

     i had the same problem of awu95 the snakes lights doesn’t work please help!

  • Epsilon1977

    Same problem with updating here (not compatible with current version), but no problems with mic or headphones as far as I can tell (no static). I hope they release a hotfix soon to enable us to update the Banshee’s firmware.
    Other than that, it’s the best gaming headset I have ever tried (too bad the spectre mouse is a disappointment).

  • valerya

    How do I turn off the lights of headphones when the computer is off? Why when the computer is turned off the light of burning jewels headphones?

  • valerya

    I have the same problem that caused the high voltage headphones get when you put the PC power outlet voltage should not let’s get out the jack socket of the computer when headphones are connected .. I have this problem I went to the store to get my application, because they refused claiming that it is not included in the decoration and warranty .. Another problem I insisted harassment of them claiming that customer relationships can be an electrical failure mode is not constant personal responsibility .. I contacted the store manager explained the issue I told him that when people buy razer products they buy just because of the unique lighting of their products if the light turns off Mchishr not worth sitting on the heart in the end it paid off and he changed a new one

  • valerya

    I have the same problem that caused the high voltage headphones get when you put the PC power outlet voltage should not let’s get out the jack socket of the computer when headphones are connected .. I have this problem I went to the store to get my application, because they refused claiming that it is not included in the decoration and warranty .. Another problem I insisted harassment of them claiming that customer relationships can be an electrical failure mode is not constant personal responsibility .. I contacted the store manager explained the issue I told him that when people buy razer products they buy just because of the unique lighting of their products if the light turns off Mchishr not worth sitting on the heart in the end it paid off and he changed a new one

  • valerya

    i have same

  • kenrtx

    I almost RMA’d this thing until I finally fixed it.  Turn the Mic Level volume down to 0.  Then go into your playback settings for that device in Windows and set it to about 15-18%.  Whatever application you use such as Skype make sure you turn off the auto control for mic audio and do the same, adjust it to 15-18% or just tweak it until it sounds proper.

    The bottom line is the mic is incredibly sensitive so you have to turn it down.  The Mic Level i have no idea what it or the Mic Sensitivity is for.  But the Mic Level is the thing that causes all the feedback.I hope this helps… it’s an amazing headset.

  • Maxiz_back

    I have the problem of a constant static noise coming from my mic in the background with occasional blasts of louder static for those listening to me.  I run windows 7 fully up to date and i have downloaded and run the firm ware upgrade 2.12.  I tried what you suggested but it only made the noise fainter and didn’t actually clear it up.  This is the second razor mic i have bought that has been a dud.  Your sound is good, your mic’s are poor even compared to my 6 year old $15 logitech.

  • Maxiz_back

    Still doesn’t work, the fix took out the sudden blasts of noise from the mic but not the static others hear when you talk.  Its kinda embarrassing. 

  • Pajstrup

    Would like to retract my statement that the microphone sucks…. i’ve come to the conclusion that the microphone is just too good. Adjusting the mic sens and lvl on the control box makes no difference because people can still hear me when i use skype. :-) currently chatting it up with a friend with mic sens/level both at 0.

  • Animus

    Download the latest Razer Megalodon driver
    from Razer’s website, especially if you are using Windows 7 64-bit
    (nevertheless, just update it even if you are on XP or Vista). Update
    your Razer Megalodon to the latest one and make sure it’s done properly.2.After the update, on the same page, there is a hint on how to fix the microphone, try it first.3.Try lowering your Mic sensitivity level on the Razer Megalodon control
    pad to 0 or 1 (I put mine to 0) and lower your Mic volume level too.4.Last thing to do if it’s still not there yet: Point your mic upwards,
    instead of adjusting it next to your mouth. This is because the mic is
    quite sensitive even at the lowest level (or you might need to adjust
    the windows’ mic sensitivity level further). The last point seems to
    cure my Razer Megalodon problem (by pointing the mic away from my mouth a
    little bit – the mic’s tip is around my eye level).

  • Kvlting

    I hate buying something expensive that needs some fixing, i mean how can you release a high quality head phones like these, without solving the white noise problem, you spent so much time making it, spend just a little verifying it at least, i got mine yesterday from virgin megastore, because i broke my logitech G35, i play world of warcraft, so when i talk on Vent with razer headphones everyone can hear the song im listning to using the headphones, while on my g35 they can only hear my voice perfectly well and clean and nothing else, i will return them today and get another g35, i hate doing that cause they are very very comfy headphones but sadly the mic in a 10 euro headphones can preform 5 times better, stick to making mouses.

  • joy

    hi…can any one tell me how to use this headphone and a microsoft xbox360 controller together??i cant use both together…while only one at a time can be used..plz help..

  • Jookz1337

    Mic dont work – No licht in headset – Please Razer, make that new firmware now !!! You said around like Feb. that you were working on it… You’re loosing alot of fans !

  • Makolu

    Hai. My headset has been working fine for a while. But suddenly the sounds cut out and all the lights are flashing no stop. Have tried unplugging and plugging back in but no luck. What does this mean? 

  • Phee

    I have the exact same problem. Is there a fix?

  • Cobalt

    Prolly the worst headgear i ever bought. It doesn’t seem possible that in 2011 that a piece of hardware that is so expensive can be this bad.
    I tried everything to make them work…but no use.

  • G0ld0

    eye I just bought a other razer head set I got a loud background sound till I remove a check on the aplifie windows option (control panel->son->record tab-> click on properties buton and select personalize tab un check that shit :D

  • Baal_visby

    Hay there i got my megalodon cuple of years ago pre-order when it wasent out yet and i been useing it everyday since then. I cut my balls of for the insane sound and base and i never wanna hear music in an other headset again. BUT my snakes on the headphones have stoped glowing maybe thay just tierd of being blue all the time who knows but the headset works fucking amazing for me. and for those who cant get it going i can just say your missing out on good sound.

    tho snake problem might be related to that i have droped the headset into the floor 200 times.

  • Esyskate

    Thanks for all the comments.  After reading these comments I am going to buy a logitech.  Bought a razor mouse, love it but looks like their megalodon headset has too many problems, especially for the price.

  • Logan

    Three serious design flaws I’ve noticed with this headset.

    1. The mic and speaker wiring seems to be crossed. When I play back the mic through the headphones to try and analyze/fix the… i hear feedback. This is a headset where the audio output should be totally isolated from the mic. Feedback under this circumstance is a serious design flaw and might indicate crossed wires inside this maelstrom “box” for want of a better description.
    Solution: not sure, but when you figure it out, let me know and I’ll quite happily accept a replacement unit. This doesn’t seem like a problem that will have a “firmware” fix.2. The mic level compression is causing hiss (my educated guess). I’ve done some studio recording in my life time and this problem is all to common. Cheap sound expander/compressor/gates, with over zealous compression. Sure it gives you a nice flat level (loudens up the whispers and quietens the shouts) which in theory means people can always hear you, but the more you try and compress/expand, the louder that hiss is going to get.Solution: allow us to turn off sound compression, or convert the compressor to a gate (so it only comes in to effect if the mic input would have clipped otherwise).3. The mic sens does nothing. I’ve recorded, listened, and compared waveforms of recordings. I think the mic sens is as good as a placebo. Makes you think you’re in control, when you’re really at the mercy of this little device.

    solution: kiss… keep it simple stupid.

    This is all bad timing as well. I just spent over $700 dollars on a blackwidow ultimate, mamba and ironclad. I wanted the Megalodon to form a matching set (all the elite equipment from razer). I think the keyboard, mouse and mat are all excellent, but the headset just killed my spirit. I feel like I paid for nice packaging and nothing more.

    I invite you to proove me wrong razer, and I certainly hope you can.

  • Puffah

    I want my money back. Ive tried all fixes nothing seems to work. I play world of warcraft in a raiding guild witch i need to depend on my headset. I have to change to my old creative headset when i raid cause everybody is complaining on hearing lots and lots of background noice till the point where they almost mute me. I wish i could return this headset. lots of money thrown away.

  • Stayros

    Got the headset and i am really dissapointed. The mic works very bad with a lot of wind sound… i tried all the suggestions but the problem is still there. Please fix it or remove the project from the market. I feel like i wasted my money on this headset. At least give us some feedback about that.

  • Underbully

    Just got this headset… Was excited to use the microphone just as much as the 7.1 support only to find out the mic has a terrible hissing noise/static… I don’t understand how my cheapy $15 outshines this monster of a headset when it comes to mic quality… It’s outrageous! A friend of mine has the Razer Carcharias, and it sounds so much better! Please fix this soon, Razer! 

  • vasito

    The mic is terrible. I have all firmware updates. I use it with TeamSpeak and its awfull.

    Static noise wind noise etc. It has constant echo.

  • Clau

    Best headphones ever Mic works perfectly fine , no problems with nothing.

  • GrazyDutchy

    Hello People, I got My Razor Megalodon Today i was realy exited about it, Even when i plugged it in My Microphone Work Exalent But The Strange thing is, i Have No sound Atall, Also It sum1 Called Razer Megalodon Speakers skype is not working , youtube , Games Not Even When i try To Test the sound in my System i downloaded FirmWare and updated to the last update Anyone Knows my problem? please Help Thank You!

  • grazydutchy

    Hey mate Have you Found out the issue yet? i got the same as you

  • xype

    My headset doesn’t work on my computer, I tried all the suggestions, it’s not working.
    I’m using Windows 7 32bit.
    It works very smooth, very nice on my dad’s laptop, but not on mine.
    What might the problem be?
    I tested it, I’m very happy about the product, but I want it to work on my computer, not on my dad’s…
    Any suggestions?
    I have this problem: When I try to open any sound it’s a li’l noisy and then even the noisy part gets cutted out.
    What should I do?
    Please mail me!

  • Idk

    does this headset suck that badly?

  • BobbyMcGee

    I got the headset a few weeks ago. So far I haven’t had any problems at all with the mic. I just keep its level set at about 20 and it’s great. Everyone understands me perfectly, no white noise. I did, however, have a problem with hearing stuttering/intermittent static when listening to pretty much anything. I contacted Razer support and they essentially told me to do what the website said, so I just stopped bothering, and I was about to return the headset. But then, quite by mistake, I was messing around with Easy Tuner 6, a program used to adjust your CPU and GPU levels without going into the bios. I have it set up to run in the background most of the time, but while overclocking my CPU the program crashed, and I noticed the music I was listening to suddenly didn’t stutter. Not sure exactly what the problem was, but as long as I don’t have that program running this headset works great.

  • Richard89

    Just bought my megalodon today. Was really happy until I plugged it in to my USB port and it states that it’s faulty. Can’t get my comp to read the megaledon. Very disappointed because I had high hopes for it as all the reviews mentioned that it is wonderful. I hope you guys can do something about it.

  • Jakmemborg

    I have had no problems with this headset. Mic is crystal clear and the sound is excellent. However I upgraded my computer and had to reinstall the OS. And now win 7 won’t install this properly. But thats my first and only problem.

  • Kabbers

    I only seem to be having this problem with youtube. It crackles when playing a video. iTunes is fine and so is gaming and the mic seems to be fine so far.

  • ProAmGamer

    I brought the headset in hope of the mic being extremely good quality, the audio comes through fine, I love the surround sound, but I feel the mic is the thing that makes me feel I wasted my money. I have tried it on various computers, and laptops, (also and imac and macbook). All the same problem, too much background noise (white noise / wind), my friends can hardly hear what I’m saying, and me being a youtube video producer, when I try and make video’s, the playback quality is so bad I can’t upload.

  • GamerOfGlory

    Well, all of you that are posting about faulty headphones, and noisy mics are a little bit wrong. Firstly, on mine I turn the mic level all the way down and the sens all the way down, mic noise issue, gone, and crystal clear is I say so myself.

    As for the white noise, I have no flipping idea where you guys are getting this from… All I get from mine are crystal clear playback. Maybe try updating your firmware? Also i have my headphones (in 2.0 mode) set to one notch in the red for the normal sound, and one notch in the red for the bass. If I am listening to some bass heavy song ( I rarely do) I will turn the bass up more, and still hear the highs great.

    I love razer and have not had any bad problems with their stuff. The only thing I would like more from them, is if they would actually make their stuff something special, not just work as advertised, if you catch my drift…..

  • GamerOfGlory

    I am also using the leatherette ear cups, just saying…

  • GamerOfGlory

    Turn the mic sens and level all the way down, mic problem fixed, and crystal clear if I do say so myself…

  • Had enough

    Nothing works. Should not have to do all this work with such an expensive headset. Wish I took the time when I still could have get an refund for this crappy headset my 20€ set that I had before worked better. Never a Razer product again unless they compensate us for this shit.

  • xype

    Seems the problem was my soundcard or whatever.
    It works very smooth an clear on my new computer! I love it <3

  • Omg.

    Just Saying Thanks Razer!

  • peepolz

    I’m having these static sounds and then suddenly the sound just dissapear ….. wth, and the firmwire update doesn’t help at all…

  • AsianViews

    It just annoys me how my razer audio goes from loud to quiet everytime i use it to speak so someone help

  • The Great Dane

    I got the headset 6-7 months ago, and ever since i bought it, the mic has been a disaster, and it’s mainly because of the white noise that is there all the time, so just to be able to talk to my friends on ventrilo, teamspeak and even skype i have to turn both the mic level and the sesitivity down to 0, and turn my windows mic level down to about 20-30. And yes i have installed the latest drivers(+firmware) for the megalodon, updated my windows and updated my USB drivers. So now i finally got tired of them. And razer, i’m sorry but the horrible quality of the product made me sell it(I even wrote in the description that they shouldnt expect to be able to talk with anybody on any type of VoIP program.) And instead buy a Logitech G35, where NOBODY has ever had a problem with the microphone.
    So bottom line is, make a product that work every time, on every computer, with all drivers, with all (new)operating systems. And if it does not, then dont charge 150$+ for the headset.

  • David

    I have been having this problem with the fuzziness. I installed their latest Firmware thing and ran it. It told me to plug the Megaladon into the Motherboard USB slot whilst holding down the middle button on the Maelstrom. I did this and it installed the latest update. Now there is no fuzz on the mic and it sounds perfect. The only thing that I feel I have wasted my money on is the surround sound, which sounds terrible and is just an echo. I was very dissapointed when I set Battlefield 3 up to have it sound terrible in the Megaladon’s “7.1 mode”.

  • Tsdamole

    doesnt help at all….

  • Mbm8831

    its your motherboard but its good becouse you can charge stuff and your computer dosent have to be on while charging

  • Pyromane

    I tried the firmware fix and it worked. Only after 10 min or so it suddenly reverted back to this noisy mess. No reason why. 

  • Da Plys

    My problem, is that my sound disapears. I play Semi-pro, FPS. And so it becomes really annoying when the sound cuts out. I have installed the firmware, and made sure i have the latest drivers.. Still dont work tho..

  • Kobohojo

    yeah my sound is all muffled, yeah not impressed

  • Ollanda

    So is there like nothing positive about this headset? I wanted to buy them, but most people say ‘mic doesn’t work properly, 7.1 doesn’t run properly. So.. It’s just a waste of money or is it fixed by now?

  • guest

    this was utterly useless, the headset for some reason has the “what you hear” option turned on and i cant turn it off, anywhere. So im on skype teamspeak ventrillo whatever and everyone that talks to me can hear themselves… if i try to listen to the mic input it just emits feedback and its well useless. I dont know what feature that was from you guys but its annoying, fix it!

  • Madjje

    Hey i have a Mac computer what can i do?

  • Pard950

    They prolly figured it out but if anyone new comes across this then it means your system is muted.

  • bibos

    this whisling sound killed me !!!! wish i never got it …please let us know if we have to replace it !!

  • Sxorpiox30

    sound works great but incoming voices are muffled but my voice is fine any ideas?

  • razerhashorriblesupport

    seriously razer hurry the fuck up and come up with a real fix for crackling sounds…

  • Jacob Hunter

    still wont work. the headsets audio just stops working and is distorted.

  • Dessere

    i just got my headset few hours ago and i do not understand how to get the sound working. im in skype my friend says he can hear me but i cant hear him or the game i am playing. what do i do?

  • Dan

    The problem you guys might have is, trying to run the headset in 7.1 when your motherboard only supports 5.1, its my ownly suggestion

  • Carlvaax

    OMG so I replace my much cheaper Logitech with the Megalodon only to find that people hear my game sounds and ALOT of static when I use skype or any other communication prog.! !!!

    Tried setting mic sensitivity lower and every other fix suggested. This is really pathetic and Razer had better fix this or I wont ever buy any of their products again! This coming from someone who has a Razer Spectre mouse, black widow ultimate keyboard, Vespula mouse pad and rubbish Megalodon 7.1! 


  • Carlvaax

    All these steps don’t help! The problem is that people can hear my applications so if I play a game with them then they hear the games music/sound.

    OMG after all this time you mean this is still a problem and you people are still selling this product!?!? My logitech is much cheaper and now I have to use that because your product isn’t supported by yourselves?

    Wow, gonna make sure never to recommend a Razer product to anyone and will never support this company again.

  • Willem0nt

    I got my yesterday, and i don’t see any problems…. 

    but try feeling the maelstrom, (Volume thing) it might get hot, i think that’s the problem :/

  • HCR Gamer

    Can you use these on ps3 ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356903201 Ole Christian Haavaldsen

    I am going to the store to get my money back… this is just hopeless… The audio is AWESOME but the mic ruined it all!

  • Kimmern95

     Just bought this headset and it doesnt work………..

  • minusthedrifter

    Was having issues myself and was become quite frustrated these expensive headphones couldn’t record audio worth a damn, Turns out these tweaks helped, the windows control being the main “fixer.” Even with the sens and level turned all the way down on the mic I was getting white noise.

    However after changing the audio level in the windows sound control the mic is crystal clear with no white noise and no typing sounds (though still sometimes picks up mouse clicks.) I had to turn the windows microphone sensitivity down to 25 to eliminate all static, but it did work. 

  • Chrisjames123

    the problem i have is when im trying to listen to fucking music, the songs get this really noticeable shitty static sound and its bothering as hell for a headset at this price you’d expect the sound to atleastt be good, the mic is a different story ROFL thanks razer, maybe you guys should stick to making mice and leave the headsets to the companies who actually try LMAO

  • Travis Sichel

    Oh shoot >_< just got this. Yeah full of static/pops and randomly stops, looking to return tomorrow I thinks

  • Mryder30

    These headphones are about the biggest piece of shit ever released. Razer you should be ASHAMED by releasing this mud hole of a product.

  • Zillu

    Have the same problem as many here. I use Windows7 and updated all my drivers, including the firmware in the Megalodon and i still get the wind and static noises.

    I don’t understand how a 10$ mic can be crystal clear and this Razers top
    notch gamer headset (the mic) is totally useless and crappy.

     Razer is suppose to be pro gamer equipment, toss it back to your engineers and make em fix it.

  • Mario

    i have a Razer banshee and i get the same problems. i’ve tried all the fixes listed above and it’s still a problem.

  • Jason_9111

    My Mic still gives that wind white noise sound, i have tried everything. my megladon is only a few weeks old :(

  • Unsatisfied

    had this mic for a while just ran out of warrenty…. an it works fine when i test it in steam settings. but then as soon as i go to play left for dead, the sounds comes out really loud and staticy, an people cant understand me.
    and then out of no where it kinda just stoped working in general….. i was hoping these would be better then turtle beach’s….. espically for the fact that i paid like 150 bucks…… fuckin pissed


    do not fucking buy these… im asking you lol

  • Gabriel231091

    This is not working at all, i paid 150 euro for this headset and i use skype daily for 3 hours min the group would say that they are hearing a noise in the background when the entire house is quite.

    I had the Logitech G35 and it never had this issue i bought the megalodon because the G35 is broken, and now with the megalodon i can’t even talk normal on skype.

    Please fix it, im not the only with this problem!

  • Kevin A

    try using it on another computer. it might be your sound card. if its still like that then its either both computers have messed up sound cards(which is unlikely) or your headphones are broken.


     i have a warranty with the megalodon and i think that i will never buy  a FUCKING RAZER PRODUCT AGAIN IT SUCKS LIKE SHIT, skype steam BF3 battlelog ventrilo xfire every program that a gamer use THE MIC SUCK and my friends ears cry for a FIRMWARE UPDATE a if u can razer make dolby like the star wars headset is time that u fukin brand make something for your clients to resolve this i want a firmware with mic fix and DOLBY suport like the star wars headset so i will see if i buy a lycosa mirror or i never buy a rezer product again and make u bad advertising with my friends

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5PH2WXO3I5R3SQCD4HS6WSOZX4 Matthew

     Yes I tend to agree Razer’s ongoing shcoking development
    - No proper NKEY Roll over on the Blackwidow
    - Noise on the Megalodon (also no USB hub included. Fix the Firmware – Now in 2012 or stop releasing ‘toys’ and start releasing ‘tools’

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5PH2WXO3I5R3SQCD4HS6WSOZX4 Matthew

    4 Fucking Years now!

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Hi Stayros, would you mind sending me an email RazerQuick@gmail.com with the following information:
    a. The serial number of your unit
    b. What version of the Megalodon firmware you have
    c. And whether or not you’ve upgraded to the latest version & followed the recommendations of the FAQ
    Regarding the static/wind sound, please be sure you have flashed the latest firmware to your Megalodon. Also, please check your mic recording levels. Vista and Windows 7 microphone recording levels are generally set to a default level of 100 or max. Try adjusting your mic level via your Windows settings. (Control panel > Sound > Recordings > Sound > Microphone > Levels). Please set this level to 15-30. This should greatly reduce any static you may be hearing in the mic. Should you still have problems, please contact our support team at http://www.razersupport.com/email

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Matthew, would you mind reading the response I gave to Stayros above and do the same? 

  • Jacques Backbier

    Is this also supposed to fix the problem of the sound totally disappearing at random times? The solutions I see are similar to what support told me but none of them worked. I didnt have the luxury of trying on different pc’s

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Yes. Instead of an alternate PC, maybe you can try on a fresh install of Windows on a different hard drive or partition?

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    We’ve heard you. Send our support an email http://www.razersupport.com/email and we’ll help you out.

  • Gestir

    Yeah i updated the drivers and it solved this odd clicking noise i could occasionally hear, gotta say tho the surround sound isnt at powerful as i thought but id like to test it on a pure 7.1 game until then 2.0 still sounds bloody brilliant

  • Kevin

    Im getting these noices too and this doesnt help… and the sound turns off (or PIP-ing) until I re-plugg it when I play games or something that makes my computer work harder.
    There is nothing wrong with the computer, I’ve tried the headset on 2 of my laptops and on my main computer, AND at a friend and got the same problem on everysingle comp

  • Kevin

     Also, sometimes my mick starts to make really load voices

  • Offlauv

    I can only hear the backround of the music im listening too, any help?

  • Offlauv

    My headset doesn’t work, i just hear the music in the bacround. Help?

  • Offlauv

    can i get some help? I just hear the backround of things when i have my megaladon connected.

  • Olavnomnom

    I got this headset today and I am really scared if it doesn’t work, I have tried most of the tips u have here and none of them are working. It’s a really big problem because i play daily with skype on with some friends, so please just help me-

  • Randomboi123

    I had the static problem. But i disabled my Realtek HD headphone manager and it works fine now.

  • Enragdpsycho

    i got this working great by turning mic sensitivity to 0 on the malestrom unit and having mic level at 6 bars on the unit i also turned the sensitivity down in the sound options on my computer and one final thing make sure that the mic is not near ur mouth point it at your throat… well that what i have done and no more static hope that helps

  • Zaks3393

    This headset has been a very big pain. I originally baught it in december, and then one day it decided to completely become defective, what happened was, everything sounded muffled, nothing could be heard at all, as if it was underwater, the headset wasn’t usable. So what I did, I went to Best Buy and I was told that the headset was defective, I thought, ok it happens. I ordered another one and waited a week for it. Next thing you know, the same issue happens right in the middle of a skype call. Overall very very dissapointed and frustrated.

  • Silvio La Porta

    I follow all your FAQ and ask and contact on email, but my problem is not solved.
    I spend 150$ and I cannot use it on TS3 with my guild, it is ridiculous that a 5$ chinese mic will work better than Megalodon.
    Please solve ASAP the problem o get out it from the market.
    This device as told all the comments in this topic and the posts on internet forums has much problems… is the first razer device that is not amazing.

  • Rasmus

    The headset is really amazing but I just CAN’T get the mic to work, tried everything but still just background noise.

  • Maddog

    My Megalodon headset works great!  Only thing I wish was that it worked better with Doppler Sound effects… I can’t seem to pinpoint incoming enemies as well as I could before with my old Razer AC-1/HP-1 setup.

  • Kevin

    I got the headset in november, and ever since then I’ve had this cracky noice in the background and my mick makes loud noices sometimes randomly.
    Also sometimes the headset just turns off, I got 4 usb ports and they all work so dont know what the problem is. Do you think getting a better sound card will fix this problem?

  • Cypress

    Mine works for about 5 minute then it just stops responding. Sometime i can hear people but if i try to speak, it just doesn’t go through. I have tested other products and they work flawless, so i am starting to think i bought a piece of junk. I don’t have the box anymore, it’s probably 6+ month since i bought it.

  • Rustfreedatsun

    I bought a new Megalodon Headset, because I figured it was just an issue I had with my old Megalodon, which is now over a year old.. Just plugged this one in today, and still get white noise whenever using my mic.. Severely disappointed with this, as I have now spent $500 AUD on 2 Headsets that are un-usable for voice chats.

    I tried everything suggested here, and am running a pretty top-of-the-line computer.

  • Justin English

    Can’t use Skype or any other audio software to successfully use My Megalodons as the playback device. Everything works fine when i use the mic from the headset, and the laptop speakers as playback. but when i set te megalodons as the playback device, i get nothing but errors…

    in Skype, i press call and it immediately shuts down with the error message: Problem with playback device

    in Mixcraft 5.0 (audio recording software) the software shows the levels of audio being sent to  the headset, but the headset plays nothing. (if i mute from my taskbar, the megalodon reciever unit flashes to revognize it. so it’s getting the audio but not sending it out…

    However if i simply play an audio or video file from my laptop the headset plays it beautifully…

    Frustrating to say the least. NEVER have i had to fiddle, update firmware update, plug install in one usb outlet, use in another… or in general deal with this many issues for what’s designed to be a plug and play peripheral… what a beautiful waste of money..

  • Justin English

    In the “sound options” of windows 7, I set the megalodon’s as my default playback device. there’s an option  under the advanced tab to play a test sound. it works perfectly with every other device, with the megalodon’s i get an error, FAILED TO PLAY TEST TONE

  • Jusin English

    The internet is flooded with garbage about this headset i’ve had it for 2 days, updated firmware, scoured the internet for the “special way to install them” there’s NO WAY i’m spending the money you want for this headset just to deal with this much headache. I’m on my way back to Canada Computers right now to return this ridiculous waste of money and if anyone else is within their return date i’d suggest the same… Unbelievable… Mic Problems, Playback Problems, FIrmware Updates, The list is endless and there’s no hope in sight…

  • Matt

    So yeah, reading the reviews of this thing AFTER i bought it for 135cdn, I can safely confirm issues with mic sensitivity and the disappointment of which. I buy razer because I expect supreme quality product to match the supreme quality packaging but it seems like I’m only getting the packaging out of the bundle. My blackwidow ultimate ins key LED is burned out, that’s fine, I can live with that. My Razer Megalodon mic is stupid sensitive that I swear it can hear the neighbours downstairs, amplify it to a movie theatre volume, and even get their heartbeats in the mix, while simultaneously tracking the wind blowing outside my window even though the wind isn’t even blowing. Sorry razer, get your guys on fixing this issue. I updated all the firmware and drivers, my computer is always up to date, and I’m running windows 7 64bit, just to let you know before you ask. I have to turn everything on the maelstrom down to 1 for the mic to not blow ghost winds into my skyper’s ears, and there’s no reason why I should have to do that. Release some firmware that works, or give me at least 50 bucks back to what the headset is actually worth.

  • pinco pallino

    I had the wind rush problem, Razer support is not able to solve it… searching on the net I found the solution.
    I don’t know why, but Windows 7 add the other input mic jack on the Megalodon output. You must to disable all the others mic from windows conf panel (control panel-> hardware and sound->audio->mic here you will find megalodon and others input device).
    It work for me.

  • Krille

    I got my Megalodon today and for some reason the mic wont even start working, when I try to adjust the sound on this soundcontrol I can hear myself in the headphones, but for some reason there seem to be no contact between the mic and windows, and no programs can find the mic either..

  • Rene_storc

    Tried all of the above and btw what does it help to update my USB drivers when it’s running on jacksticks?
    When I talk in skype I fade out after 2 seconds. It’s the worst thing I ever spend my money on.

  • Fusi0nz Gaming

    same problem got mine 1 week ago but starting to record but doesnt sound too great with the fuzzyness in the background

  • doron robinson

    i buy this product 2 weeks ago i use win 7 32 bit and i have only 1 problem is that the headset does not turn off when i turn off my computer.

  • Jacircastelli

    Excuse me for bad english, i’m from brasil.I bought this headphone yesterday and it’s not working on my computer, it recognizes the headphones into the device manager windows, it shows me that the razer megalodon is installed, but the sound does not play, I do not know what else to do to it works, I have the 64bit version of windows 7 ultimate and the sound drivers are updated according to themanufacturer’s website, the entries usb’s are working correctly, because using other devices in them, I updated the firmware version megalondon used the version that is available on the razer found at this link … http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view&parentcategoryid=37&pcid=0&nav=0 I do not know what else to do, you can help me please? good night even more.

  • Anonymous

    I’m using the Carcharias for my mic, I had to disable other mic inputs under Control Panel > Sound – then lastly I disabled the Carcharias’s input (which was a front mic port) then re-enabled and all the static was gone. 

    Try that, hopefully it works for you and the problem isn’t any more of a hassle.

  • Gmart2

    I have had the headset for over a year and never really bothered with the issue. I have to put my mic level to 1 for it to be almost inaudible. This is annoying :p

  • Dan W

    I have the wind/white noise issue as well. It got better when I turned down the sensitivity in windows as well as on the maelstrom, but it’s still there. 

    Also have an issue where the audio will randomly cut off and stay off until I unplug and plug back in. I keep it plugged into a front USB port for this reason.

  • Kells86

     wtf i spent a small fortune on these and the static is shocking… attempted to update the firmware and its a broken link.  get a grip razer. aint buying fuck all from here again

  • Kells86

    bullshit product dont buy!

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Our support team can help you with your headset. Shoot them an email http://www.razersupport.com/email

  • Djdrift57

    I got the same problem, i plugged it in and people can her me speak, but i cant hear anything. Any suggestions?

  • Mike M.

    I just bought my megalodons and i have been as careful as possible with them. I hear a slight rattling in the left ear. What should i do?

  • Michael Kallaste

    i got this headset and latest driver (windows 7 x64), i got some problems with sound. Most times its clear and nice but when there is certain type of sound there is static(im not sure if its right name for it, like fire noise, when wood is cracking in fire). Anyways the noise comes up when theres like rain sound in movies or when listening to some heavy music. Also in games when there is sound like that. Its not always, just when there is some certain type of noise it seems headset cant handle it.
    its really annoying please help :(

  • Nathaniel Dalit

    I just received my Razer Megalodon in the mail today.(Yes, I am very late in the headphone department.)  The sound is AMAZING but the microphone is horrible.  I tried every fix I could find in Google.  Let’s just say the Microphone on the Megalodon is a DUD.  Its been years and no fix yet.  Anywho Im playing on a laptop, so ill just use the intergrate mic, which sounds 10x better. lmao.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Twist off the cup and put it back in. If you still hear something, let our support know http://www.razersupport.com/email 

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    Is your volume turned up very loud? If so, try turning it down a bit. If you’re still running into issues, drop a line to our support http://www.razersupport.com/email or you can call them at 888-697-2037

  • Spartydev

     I have a Dell alien, Use vent for raiding, everything on vent sound muffled, tried everything, diff accounts, different usb ports, reinstalled vent, reinstalled latest drivers, everything works but Not these headphones, I can hear music great, but Vent, its crap, and yes ive been using vent for 5 years, i manage the vent site, Ive tried everything.  something is fundamentally wrong with the design.. Im using crap $50 earphones that use a jack connect.. perfect..

  • Spartydev

    I’m am now gonna go buy an  PCI express USB card (only$30), by all reports and  “i have read dozens” it down to the band width.  Well if this is the case! Razer,  that’s one bad design fault and u as a manufacturer should sort it. I should not have to go out and buy a new card.  This will take up my only fee pci express slot on my Dell Alein, just to get my earphones to work via USB..
    Seems like your putting your head in the sand and ignoring the problem. Its sold as a gaming head phone, all serious games use vent of some type of Voice communication. BUT this headset in my opinion “Not fit for purpose” google the term if your legal dept not sure!!..BTW, i bought a new mouse this weekend, after buying two previous from Razer…This time, my money has gone elsewhere and I cant see my buying another Razer. You should of spent all that time and money making a nice case for these useless headphones into R&D and TESTING.. Im one unhappy costumer

  • Carl

    Still no fix for the mic and see all the bad reports. I have a blackwidow ultimate, Razer spectre mouse, vesp mouse pad, megalodon headset.. I even made my friend buy the mamba and a blackwidow ultimate. So disappointed in Razer and you know what? Seeing as you blatantly ignore customer feedback and just put your heads in the sand over this megalodon mic issue, I will never buy any of your products ever again. I’m going to get a steelseries headset today and I’ll just have to toss my expensive megaladon because I can’t use it for gaming! The mic gives too much feedback to the the guys on the other side. It makes an irritating noise and they can HEAR THEMSELVES! And don’t tell me to try your “fixes” I tried EVERYTHING including setting volumes and sensitivity down to nothing.

    Pathetic, after all this time…. No fix, you just ignore all the complaints and continue to sell this piece of hardware which DOES NOT WORK! I will be sure to warn others on as many forums and on a word of mouth basis about your customer service.

  • Barkingdog

    bought a Megalodon..bad sound..tried everythink..no fix..Oh crap just lost $175..hum.. sry last razer product…very expensive stuff with very low tech/support included going back to Logitech

  • Barkingdog

    bought a Megalodon..bad sound..tried everythink..no fix..Oh crap just lost $175..hum.. sry last razer product…very expensive stuff with very low tech/support included going back to Logitech

  • Barkingdog

    bought a Megalodon..bad sound..tried everythink..no fix..Oh crap just lost $175..hum.. sry last razer product…very expensive stuff with very low tech/support included going back to Logitech

  • Barkingdog

    bought a Megalodon..bad sound..tried everythink..no fix..Oh crap just lost $175..hum.. sry last razer product…very expensive stuff with very low tech/support included going back to Logitech

  • http://twitter.com/Frozzenfire1 Frozzenfire

     i tryed that. dosent help

  • Pajstrup

    damn, i paid 180 bucks a year ago and its frustrating to see that this problem still persists.

  • Anonymous

    I have had my Razer Megalodon for about a year now. And they have been the worst thing I have ever spent my money on.

    I have had 4 replacment Asus Striker II Extreme Motherboards
    I have had 4 Lots of Corsair Dominator XMS3 1600 Mghz Ram
    All 4 Samsung Hard drives have been replaced as raid Level 5

    After blaiming every piece of hardware I have and even going through 5 or 6 re installs of Windows 7 64 bit today, after doing some searching around I have now found that the problem with my Audio stuttering and my games stuttering is the Razor Megalodon Headphones.

    I have updated the firmware on the Headphones and its still exactly the same.

    The makers of Razor provide no fix or solution to this problem.

    And I have spent a small fortune on hardware trying to get to the bottom of this problem.

    After talking to a friend and being my Business lawer Mrs. Marie Stevens of Cooper & Co in London also the Legal representitive for the Hilton Group of Hotels, and considering the stress and money this has cost me I have been advised to take legal action against Razor to recover my costs and the stress this has caused me. Razor are happy to blaim everyting apart from the bad design of these headphones and they should never have been released for use with Windows 7 in the first place.

    For those of you who would also like to bring legal action against Razor for this as they show no intention of fixing the problem by their own made hardware I would be glad to hear from any one else who would like to join me in this Law suite I am going to bring against them.

    I am so angry and so upset that it has taken me all this money and replacment hardware only to find that I have been sold goods not fit for purpose and as such am seeking full compensation in every way towards these people.

    Its just not on that Razor continue to hide behind excuse after excuse to the fact that they know their is  a complete design fault with this hardware provided by them.

    I want answers and a fix by the 5th June or thats it, I shall put more Costs towards legal action this time instead of hardware and will be seaking full compensation and refunds for all costs envolved regarding this matter.


  • Anonymous

    I am never EVER buying another Razor product ever this has been the most frustraiting mistake i have ever made buying the Razor Megalodon headphones.

    3 of us broaght these piles of crap and they all do the same thing stutter and stop gameplay on computer games, nothing but all 3 of us having problems with these damn things, they are not fit for purpose, take your headset back to the shop you brought it from and demand a refund do not make the mistake we made by replacing all your hardware then only to find out the problem is with these headphones.



  • Anonymous

    Everyone, I am still awaiting a reply from their support department after 2 days.
    I am going to give it another 12 hours but a very good friend of mine who is a big Lawyer here in London is going to help me bring a court rit against Razor for miss describing and faulty goods with the view of false representation and fraud.

    If anyone would like to join me in this I am taking peoples email address and contacts so that I can get a larger group togather regarding these headphones.

    They are not fit for purpose what so ever and as such we can all demand our money back by law in the UK and bring trading standards in on this as well.

    My email if you would like further details to contact me micky.fregan@hotmail.com or Michael@mickytek.co.uk look forward to hearing from some of you.

  • Anonymous

    I may have to take back everything I thought of this headset.
    I have been promised a replacement to my Megalodons and been comforted with the email from Razor support telling me that I shall not have any problems with these.

    If all works fine then I shall certainly consider upgrading to one of the newer headsets but lets see how these turn out.

    I will post and let you all know.

    The white noise problem seams to be down to the audio levels that you can change in the audio controls on your computer, but the stuttering and locking up of games and audio may be down to the older design of these headphones, until I receieve my newer headphones I can not say but will let everyone know when I get them.

  • http://cult.razerzone.com/ Razer|Quick

    As our support mentioned, you shouldn’t be having those issues. Our support will be able to take care of you and get everything running properly.

  • Looper

     Try another usb plugin

  • LoopeR

    Hey I did everything that u recommended, but my sound cuts off I bought a USB hub to boost the power and i wasn’t aware of any audio cuts but the mic is so bad like it’s even worser than this WindBlow thing that u call and i know how to fix the static by changing to 15-30 i’ve done that before but that has no affect anymore. This is a huge Robotic voice that my mates can hear when i speak on Teamspeak, I’m just here sharing,


  • Anonymous

    Recieved my new Headphones this morning thanks to the kind people at Razor

    Promised by Razor support that this would fix the stuttering problem with these headphones and cause my games to either crash or become non repsonsive to mouse control etc.

    removed all drivers pertaining to the Razor Megalodon headphones in my Windows 7 64 bit instalation and went through the whole installaition process all over again.

    The new headphones are no different to the old ones.



    I have replaced 4 motherboards, all my Ram, graphics cards in fact I have a brand new machjine and the result with these headphones is exactly the same, sound stutters in game play, use with teamspeak and you run into blue screen of death senarios, and basicaly these headphones do not work.

    I have tried everything and spent a complete fortune

    4 X Asus Striker II Extreme motherboards at £300 a POP
    4 X XMS3 1600 Mghz Ram at £160 a POP
    6 X Geforce GTX 285 Graphics Cards both in SLI Configuration  and Single configuration at £200 a POP.

    Total Cost of trying to resolve Razor’s Error and provlems £3400.00




    one very pissed off customer

    Michael David Anthony Fincham

  • Anonymous

    Should not be having these problems, do not lie to me, you sent me a replacment set of headphones and they are just the same if not just as bad as the first ones I had.
    Every one is moaning about them, the only shop in Totenham Court Road London called YohYoTech are the only shop who have nothing bad to say about these headphones, probably because they are a distributer for you, all other shops like Epsilon have told me that the Megalodons will not work with Windows 7 64Bit and told me I had been a fool to trust your company with this headset.

    So I have been done well and truly, I am out of pocket and gone through hell why, Because Razor have taken it upon themselves to LIE to their customers in the Face of Profit.


  • Michael

    Where is the fix then I am still in exactly the same situation, these headphones are the biggest pile of crap I have ever had.

    I will no longer waist another minute with these headphones, they are on Ebay for sale and I want them out of my house yesterday.

  • Maurice

    Dear Razer,

    I think its the Build of the headset itself. There must be a open tunnel from the Mic to the Headset for the cord. But i thought Razer would of done Alot of tests and made it that no sound could reach the mic from the Headset before releasing it to the Public for mass sales across the world. Thats why I get Massive feedback, like for a E.g When you take a Mic to the Speaker and it produces that annoying high Pitch ringing sound. People can hear them selves (and music) even when all the mic stuff is at the lowest point.The mic itself is Wonderful, very clear and awesome. The Logitech’s G35/G930′s have better music sound though, I went from Logitech to Razer for this Headset and im a little disappointed :(
    Ive been through the Tech Support and they said what the help article said to do. I Wish there was a way to pull the headset/mic section open, Then i’d grab some Silicon and seal up the Tunnel :/

    Kind Regards
    Maurice Brack

  • lol

    and exactly how does a new graphic card fix your sound? lol

  • Michael

    Well why do you not read you idiot – the problem starts with graphics breaking up and pausing in the middle of game then the sound goes then either blue screen of death or game back again after 10 seconds.

    Thats why at first I went through the graphics side, now go away and btroll some one else also read the routes of the problem before you troll me idiot.

  • Bob

    I would just like to point out that for some reason when I talk on the steam voice chat with people, all the static noise are gone, but when I use anything else the static comes back.

  • Joshiieee_1

    hey razer :) when i use my Megalodon to chat with friends, they tell me all the time that SOMETIMES there is like a hissing sound and its very irritating :S i’ve downloaded the drivers for the headset and also updated it, my OS is sure to be updated as i only just got my new computer any solutions for this?

  • http://twitter.com/b1ax black

    3 years with megalodon’s crap mic – still alive. Had hopes for new Tiamat 7.1,but nope, mic even worse. jeez
    Now using 4$ mic attached to megalodon with adhesive tape, problem solved!

  • Poliacido

    Hello RAZER, any news about the new firmware to fix the mic???
    I’m definitly going to sell this headset, and at first i was going to buy Tiamat 7.1 but LOL…. no way… i saw they are full of bugs like this product: background buzzing and the mic is even worst!
    You should tell the truth and admit you have no clue how to fix the megalodon, thats why there is still no new firmware released…

  • Ad2

    Im really sad.. I bought my megalodon, but at dubstep songs, the bass is not clear at all. I have buzzing and hissing on beats.I will change it with another pair of megalodons, but if they have the same problem……. :-(

  • legreenapple

    THANK YOU! :) The firmware took care of the sound static, but calling through Skype was still very bad, After I reduced the mic level on the Control panel, it got much better. But please, when making another audio product, make it so we don’t have to play around with settings :) I thought I wasted $150… 

  • Razer sucks

    True never gonna buy razer ever again they only sell expensive crap a 10 € sennheiser would work better

  • friggen6

    I just got the razer megalodon and the 7.1 is not working in a single game its sounds like the sound is like echoing in a room of steel and the mic isnt that good aswel

  • http://www.facebook.com/The.Squall1 Justin Dalton

    Be Careful when getting the Megladon’s. They are a good headset but some of them have really faulty USB connectors. I was given one for Christmas a year and a half ago and now the USB connector itself has started to fail. So I’m not sure how I feel about them anymore. Razer mice are great, but their headsets leave a lot to be desired.

    (If I want to use this headset I have to torque the usb connector to one side and ‘SOMETIMES’ It will connect and be able to be used, but for the most part it won’t. Disappointed indeed.)

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