• Posted on: November 13, 2005
  • Author: Razerguy
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New Products Coming (Part II)

I wanted to clarify some misconceptions in the press and on many of the forums regarding the conflicts between the new Agilent Laser Sensor and just about any rough surface mouse mat. An excellent example is this post on CoolTechZone published November 9 (as I write this it is November 11). Here’s the post:

Back when we published our review of the Logitech G7 laser mouse, we received quite a few e-mails from concerned readers who said that we had failed to find the main drawback in G7. All e-mails suggested that G7 (and G5), which are both based on the latest laser technology (an upgrade from optical) fail to work on all surfaces. Clearly, we wanted to replicate the issue internally, but unfortunately, after working with five mousepads from five manufacturers, we simply couldn’t get the mouse to not work in our lab. The interesting thing was, however, that some e-mails we received linked us to Logitech’s technical support forums, which had a decent number of threads that discussed this particular issue.

In hopes of understanding the apparent weakness of Logitech’s latest gaming mice, we talked to Logitech to see what the current status of the problem was and what Logitech was doing to correct the issue.
By now, it’s no mystery that the next step in gaming mice (or mice in general) is laser rather than optical technology. Keeping that in mind, Logitech pointed out that the first problem with G5 and G7 surface tracking is that the majority of the mousepads are not optimized for laser, but rather optical technology. This is one of the primary reasons why you are having problem with surface tracking with either G5 or G7.

Now the interesting thing to point out is that Razer Copperhead also uses the same laser technology as Logitech, but Razer fixed this issue by allocating more power to the laser by issuing a firmware upgrade. When we recommended Logitech to do the same, the company said it’s still working with mousepad manufacturers to solve the problem in their future products, and it’s still tracking surface problems in regards to the overall technology and its implementation. With that said, Logitech said it’s not interested in issuing a firmware upgrade that could negate the quality of their products; the company could also have problems with warranties and other such things. However, Logitech might consider the firmware upgrade in the future if the need arises, but unfortunately at this point, Logitech will not issue a firmware upgrade.

Okay, this report is not accurate. We did not "increase the laser power" (there are eye safety issues involved). We just use different settings that are more tuned to the current generation of mousepads (with the option of fine tuned settings for our upcoming laser edition pads).

The Copperhead’s unique ability to upgrade the firmware is another Razer first, just like our ultra-high resolution and our on-the-fly sensitivity technologies. We only make products for gamers and all of our engineering and product development focuses on enhancing the gaming experience.

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  • http://www.civic-mac.de Civic

    Thanks for the clarification, really good to know. Will there be a special firmware upgrade or configuration in the driver for the coming eXactMat Laser? Oh and, what’s this rumour about a Razer keyboard I heard a lot about? Maybe a topic for your next blog entry, heh. I’m a Mac-user so I’d be interested in compatibility. Also, I’m using the Copperhead and it’s been pretty much Plug & Play, I upgraded the firmware using the Windows emulator application “Virtual PC”. The feature of the mouse having basically all options built-in is fantastic.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • :-]

    Good job.
    Could we get more information about eXactMat Laser & the new headset?

  • http://qiuspot.net Qiu

    I love your mouse then the logitech ones…

    I was shock to find you got a green colour but it work pretty well…

    Keep up the good work with firmware ya..


    Sweet shot of the green mouse. Intersting introspection into the Logitech’s….”issues.” I’m an owner of a G7(and soon-to-be owner of CH) and I haven’t encountered any tracking issues with the mousepad I have, but I’m sure the tracking could be much improved by an optimized pad.

  • z3r0tw0

    Hi Razerguy,

    i purchased a copperhead tempest blu yesterday. the blue light is very cool, but can i somehow turn it off for sleeping without turn off the computer or pull out the cable. would be very cool.
    p.s. best mouse i ever had
    logitech suxx

  • Shawn

    Hi. I currently use a Razer Diamondback LE, and am thinking of getting a Razer Mantis (Control) and Copperhead also. I read somewhere that laser mouses have a problem with rough surfaces, should i wait for your new mousepad to be out or will the Mantis do well on Copperhead also?


  • z3r0tw0

    oh and a exactmat lanpak would be cool to avoid scratches in a backpak or other things.

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    Okay, some additional notes:

    The Copperhead is not compatible with the Mac OS at this time and the USB Overdrive will not help. The Diamondback is compatible using our Mac drivers available at http://www.razerpro.com.

    For those of you wanting to turn off the lights on the Copperhead a firmware update is coming, but only in the next major release.

    The upcoming eXactMat laser mat will be made expressly for the laser sensor in the Copperhead and should not require a firmware update. We are also considering offering an eXactMat lanpak for sale as a separate item.

    The Mantis Control pad is already tuned for our laser sensor.

    There is information at Razer Blueprints, our largest community site, http://www.razerblueprints.net, for all of the upcoming Razer products. More info to come at Razerzone soon.

  • Nasferatu

    :) Im Hawe COPPERHEAD Chaos green ! 01516 after Expl3 im happy :)

  • http://www.propitiate.net Nic Seow

    Um, I didn’t think that Logitech had an upgradeable firmware in any of their mice but it seems like they really do have one…




    Well, IMO Logitech’s mice are still not quite up to par, technologically, with the Copperhead. They look ugly, too.

    @ z3r0tw0, I actually kinda like it that the Cuhead’s light doesn’t turn off – it has a sort of always-alert, never sleep, sinister jibe to it.

    Oh, Mr Razerguy, I blogged about the WCG like I said I would: http://propitiate.net/2005/11/19/wcg-day-2-sponsor-booths-part-4/

  • z3r0tw0

    Logitech has brought out a firmware update for g5. i thought its not possible to update?!whatever im proud of my now chaos green chopperhead. ive tested both and my thing is razer. but im still waitin for pro tools news. i thought pro tools are aviable at november?


    greetz z3r0tw0

  • http://www.civic-mac.de Civic

    I can’t await the release of the Tarantula and the Piranha… they’re going to get ordered by me ASAP. :)

  • Tone_SMith

    Yeah, why havent you guys posted any pics or info on the Tarantula? I already own the Copperhead and cant wait to buy myself the Keyboard for Christmas! One thing about the Tarantula that I hope you guys dont make the mistake of doing is what the G15 did and advertise the LCD working with games to display info about the game, when in reality it is only supportted by 2 Games! What a sham i returned that puppy real quick..Thanks Razer for the quality products!

  • ignigena

    Im waiting for the eXactmat laser, the lan pack and the pro tools, maybe you cant, but if is posible, could razerguy comment something about when will be released all these items? Thank you very much.

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    Tarantula images and specs are coming soon. We are keeping a tight lid on all new product info. We don’t want to give our competitors more time to adapt to our leading technologies than possible.

  • http://www.tacticalrecon.com TR_kakashi

    recently i bought exactmat with wrest rest…I wonder if I could exchange for exactmat laser? I can’t wait to buy Tarantula keyboard….i really need it to play games….I am a crazy gamer….www.tacticalrecon.com

  • http://www.tacticalrecon.com TR_kakashi

    I love Razer products…own Razer diamondback Red wristban…keychain…exactmat soon tarantula keyboard…can’t wait for it to come out in the store.

  • http://www.114th.co.uk 114th Dirty Deeds

    Please can we have a release date for the laser exact mat in the UK?

    Just a note on the copper head problems with certain MoBo’s (ie Abit AN8 SLI)……

    I struggled to find an answer to the cold boot problem anywhere on this site so i’ll post it here in case anyone needs it.

    Update driver to @ least 6.09 & firmware to 6.17 both dowloadable from this site. Then hold down the button on the bottom of the mouse for @ least 15 secs – problem solved, jobs a goodun

    Think i deseve a lan cord ; )

    Top class customer service, sent a email @ 4.15am got a responce in 15 mins or so from Andy – Razer (Asia-Pacific) top chap.

  • Portgas

    i wanna know that g5 work with exactmat,mantis (speed, control) or not plz.. reply me ASAP!!

  • swisswuff

    The copperhead is great as far as button placement is concerned – the diamonback’s buttons are uncomfortable and hard to press. However, the laser opening for the copperhead is narrow and dusts up rather quickly up to a point where it doesn’t work unless you actually clean it, whereas the laser opening of the diamondback is wide open and doesn’t accumulate dirt that quickly.

    That’s why I have a whole bunch of diamondbacks – almost one for every computer I work on – but I have taped up their uncomfortable buttons using DUCT TAPE!!!

    Maybe, a future mouse will combine wide laser opening and better and more comfortable button placement?

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    Thanks for your suggestions swisswuff, we are always listening.

  • Wera

    This cool..
    But the firmware on the logitech mice can be upgraded.

  • http://n/a What’sToDo?

    what’s to do? :S

    I’ve heard so much about Razer that I finally saved up and ordered the Copperhead (Toxic) from eBay (I currently reside in Turkey and Copperhead were not here at that time, also ordering from Turkey to a Razer retailer in the US (Illinois) + shipping was at the time ~$70.- Vs. ~$95/$110 + 18% V.A.T in Turkey).

    Anyways, less than a year after purchasing this great mouse, all hell breaks loose — The mouse connects/disconnects itself (on/off) and freezes while in game, to eventually go dead until I manually reconnect it via USB (works for another 4 or 5mn) — I have searched high and low for similar user problems and found a thread on your site here with only 2 possible answers:
    - Send the mouse back for exchange (impossible since over the retailer online conditions
    - Purchase/Power the mouse with an A/C USB hub.

    My question here is:
    - If Razer finds a defect in a product of such a quality, won’t it address it openly to its market and make sure all of us know when it can be fixed? The price of Razer sure entitles its users to know about any “side-effects”.

    All in all, I’ve been so happy with your product that I’m wondering if I should just “drop” my current copperhead and re-order a new one, but then again, I can’t afford to drop $100 big ones and take another chance?!

    At last, is there a Toxic Green Tarantula Keyboard? If yes, where? If no, when do you plan or releasing one? Great products!

    Thank you for your time and hopefully and answer :)

    Frederic A.
    P.S. If the above has been addressed, resolved/fixed, I apologize.

  • Sam

    Hi Razerguy !

    I got the same problem as Frederic (my copperhead disconnects/reconnects itself)
    It happens about a hundred times a day, and not only in games but also in windows desktop and surfing the web … well anywhen … it’s driving me crazy !

    I’ve tried everything (drivers, firmware, self powered usb hub, usb ports configuration, bios tweaks, etc …)

    Is a $70-$80 Pro-Gaming mouse supposed to have this kind of behavior ??
    Really … my Razer don’t pwn anymore … now i got pwned BECAUSE OF it !
    It is only 4-5 months old and i’m surely not a “mouse killer”.
    2 friends of mine have a copperhead and one got the same problem.

    I don’t have the receipt anymore so I can’t send it back to get a new one.
    Please .. Is there ANY way to get my Razer pwning back ??

    Thanks anyway to you for spending some of your time with us, users and Razer fanatics

  • raz0r

    Same problem here. My razer worked perfectly for months and now for the last week or so it has been disconnecting/reconnecting every few minutes when i play fps games. I wonder if anyone has find any solution to the problem?

  • Rick

    I have the same problem. It constantly disconnects/reconnects. I’ve tried everything, and I can’t find a solution for it.

  • Andre (Germany)

    I have the same problem, too.
    a few days after purchase, the copperhead started disconnecting+reconnecting.
    bitte helfen :(

  • CheckMate

    I have the same problem as above. The mouse was working fine for a few months, now it disconnects/reconnects almost every 30 seconds. I even selected the option to not let windows decide to disable USB products on the root hub.

    Help, this is realy frustrating, and I can’t seem to find any solutions, only more people with the same problem.

    Should I just toss it and go buy a Logitech, because none of my friends seem to suffer with this sort of problem.


  • cory

    same problem. if someone could find a fix for this please email me at tweek990@hotmail.com im about to go logitech -_-

  • Loftey

    Same problem with my Copperhead Tempest Blue.

    Disconnects/Reconnects. 5 months old. Not a mouse killer either. I wonder if it’s got something to do with the cable… Maybe look into braided cables like the Logitechs.
    That said, this is the best mouse I ever had, and do not want another one (except maybe a different Razer 8) )
    Mine also just stops working for 1 sec during gaming, so I would still be running forward with no mouse responding. This happens every few seconds. The Disconnects/Reconnects (distinct Windows sound) happens every 5 minutes or so.
    The problems only start after about 20minutes of gaming. Hope this helps.

    Other than that, thanks for gr8 products Razer. You’re the only viable solution I could find for lefty mouse uber gamers!

  • Quicksilver

    Same problem as the others. I am already considering buying a logitec mx518 because obviously these products come with a huge defect right off the factory. There is poor support for this and a gamer like me cant wait for razer staff 1 year until they figure out what is going on. I have had my diamondback for 2 years now and it started doing this problem more often and more often. Any help by Razer will be greatly appreciated.

  • Neroon

    1. If you have had a mouse for two years and it is starting to fail…replace it. I am hard on mice and expect to replace mine at least every 12-18 months.

    2. I am using my Diamondback on my Mac and love it. What I really want is The Tarantua. I see the Pro|Type listed and wonder when it will start shipping.

    Has any one tried USB Overdrive the the Tarantula?

  • DK

    I’m having the same issue. Mouse reconnects itself, and eventually dies until I replug again. I love this mouse, but cannot use it at all. I don’t have any of the original packing or receipts, is there anything I can do?

  • Pusher

    The same Disconnects/Reconnects. Mine is year and 3 months old btw – if some1 gets a solution there is my email – pusher@beogrid.net

  • ASmith

    wtf still no reply by the razer guy
    seriously thats like 12 people plus me with this problem and they dont help us
    this copperhead was the best thing on my POS laptop and i loved it till it started fuckign up every minute

  • http://WWW.PHR33KSQUAD.COM Bobby

    have any of you guys tried the mice on differant operating systems, i had the same problem with my diamondback- it turned out to be a power/usb 2.0 driver problem.

  • Loftey

    Just received my replacement CH today 8D
    Bobby, I tried everything. I tried different PC’s, operating systems and drivers.
    As far as I could figure out, my problem was the cable. When I touched the cable where it goes into the mouse, the light in the mouse wheel dims (I am not a mouse killer – even using the armadillo). They replaced it no probs, but I only bought it 5 months ago. IMO braided cable is the way to go. This is still the best mouse I ever had. Apparently a few peeps also experience the disconnect problem because of too little power to the USB ports.
    Some people might say try the Death Adder or Logitech or other mice, but for a Left-handed Gamer my options are very limited…

  • Daniel S.

    After less than a year, it reconnects and disconnects, then it finally died, the laser it does not work anymore, its a great mouse, but cmon.. damnit.. now i have to spend more money on a mouse.

  • Johan

    This disconnect/connect thing happens to me as well. The first time just after a month or so when I’d purchased my first Copperhead. Exchanged it and it worked well until for a few days ago. So this time it worked for 5-6 months before giving me trouble.

    As another poster mentioned, Razer really should look into this and solve this problem. They will loose customer if they have malfunctioning hardware.

  • MaZ

    Ive got the same problem. It really sucks though. Cant play fps games and sometimes even surf in the wep. Please Razer, make my CH work again.

  • Ramirin

    I tought I was alone on this issue! My Diamondback Salamander worked fine for about 2 years, now it disconnect-reconnects itself randomly, specially when playing FPS (Day of Defeat Source has become unplayable because of this). Sometimes it also happens while browsing the web.
    I’ve tried everything to no avail. I also noticed that sometimes it would stop recognizing the button assignments to the point that only uninstalling/reinstalling the driver fixes the problem.
    I really love my mouse and I keep it in like-new condition, I even have the original box and accesories, but I’m seriously considering buying a Logitech product. Can’t take the risk of buying another Razer and end up with the same problem. Any help appreciated!

  • Aaron

    I’m having the same issue. I just realized that something is loose in the USB cord connection with the mouse. If I pull the cord up or down next to the mouse, it turns off. When I re-center the cord, it turns back on.

  • Marco

    After 4-5 months, mines starting disconnecting every 15 seconds as well…….what do I do? This is really getting on my nerves since it cannot be a coincidence that ALL of us have the same problem. I paid $60 for this mouse and the logitech $10 one has been working fine for years without problem. Come on razer, let us know whats going on :/

  • Jeremy

    My habu is starting to seemingly at random connect and disconnect as well, and it’s only about 3 months old!

  • shyam

    i hav jus purchased a death adder .. n i want 2 know if its compatible with MAC…

  • Dozzie

    Same frigging problem! 3 weeks after I bought my mouse, it started DC/recconect all the time! -.- Horrible annoying! and no solutsion so far- .-

  • Swauli

    I have had the exact same problem as you all with my razer copperhead. But an hour ago i read a post with a possible solution to this copperhead disconnecting problem and I think it really WORKED. Believe me, just press the reboot button under the CH for about 15 seconds and then it kind of reboots. After this I have been playing a fps game almost an hour and my CH has NOT DISCONNECTED once. As simple as it seems, i truly beliebe that this is THE SOLUTION to this problem you all have with your CH. Try this and let us all know if it works for you too.

  • james

    yeh, i have had this problem for atleast a couple of months….sometimes i forget about it when it doesnt disconnect for a few hours…but sometimes he d/c every 10 seconds all day for weeks…..and i thought it was something wrong with my old and rubbish PC untill i got a new one 2 days ago, installed the mouse, and in-game it just d/c every 10 seconds..whilst freezing the game for a couple of seconds…
    I have had my mouse for about 6 months and i just bought a PC, im not buying a new mouse..please find a solution ;;

  • Henrik

    Mine does the same thing. Really effing pisses me off when I play UT. At first I thought maybe it was because of insufficient power when the CPU or GPU heats up.. maybe to some degree it is, but I also noticed it would do it the more I was moving the mouse. I had the same idea as one guy above and tried to disable windows controlling the USB disconnects, but that didn’t help. Now I jiggled the cable where it meets the mouse, and it shorted out. I pushed it in a bit and it came back to life.

    FAULTY WIRING is the issue not insufficient power. Windows says these mice only require 100mA of power, and I have 500mA available per port. Don’t let Razer bs you.

  • Mike

    I have the same problem with the diamondback. How can razer just not do anything about us when this problem is happening to so many people? I found a temporary solution for the DC/connecting of the mouse. Don’t ask me why this work, but give it a try and see if it improves. When my mouse starts disconnecting, I unplug and put it in the freezer. That’s right, the freezer. Right on top of all the ice. I leave it in there for a couple minutes, and then i go play. Doesnt disconnect for hours at a time. When it starts disconnecting again, i just repeat the cycle. Not very practical but I have not seen any better solutions from razer yet.
    email me kafeene@gmail.com

  • james

    lol mike, i think thats just because it takes a break….its like restarting the comp..or holding the reset button for 15 seconds like 10 times…i think it just takes a rest….because most of the time like i said..it either wont turn off for 1 or 2 hours or it will turn off every 30 seconds…..
    so today i bought an mx518 for 32£ from ebuyer.com, as im not willing to take the risk of going with razor again for a deathaddder…….and i have mislayed my razor warranty so :E
    set me back 32£ but i guess atleast no hastle =\ good luck guys

  • Zachary


    It just shuts itself off. No other mouse has done this – only the Razor and I have had plenty.
    I am going to call razor and complain. I cannot find a solution on their website at all.
    I will make them replace this mouse if thats what needs to happen.

  • ed

    same problem here, i’ve had this happen to 2 diamondbacks before, got another one at the end of last year and a month or so ago the disconnects/reconnects started again, both while gaming and even when the computers idling. might as well try sticking it in the freezer to see if that makes any difference (:p) but i can’t believe Razer haven’t tried sorting this issue out since it makes the mouse pretty much useless for what it’s made for

  • mike

    I had a diamondback a couple of years ago. I few days after i bought it, it started disconnecting/reconnecting itself. 2 years later, today, i buy a new copperhead and hoped to all that is good and holy that i wouldn’t run into that problem ever again. Low and be-effing hold!!!!!!!!!! Brand new today! The thing is doing exactly the same thing, disconnecting and reconnecting constantly, at this very moment as i’m trying to navigate webpages. Didn’t even get a chance to try it on a single game! Disconnect/reconnect constantly, 50 times every couple of minutes. Any time i try to simply move the cursor… and this is on a completely different system(newly built) and OS. Uninstalled the old mouse properly, and installed the Razer properly. These products are simply VERY defective. I really wanted to give this another chance and now i’m pretty pissed off

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    The Copperhead disconnects and reconnects itself back.
    The Copperhead will freeze and Windows alerts that a USB device has been unplugged while in use.


    We’re really sorry to hear that you experienced this same connect/disconnect problem with both of your Razer products. This is a known issue with both the DB and CH.
    We’ve addressed this issue with the CH by adding a KB article suggesting/allowing an exchange.

    Someone from our support team will contact you to handle the exchange. They will pre-test a new Copperhead before it is sent to you. We certainly apolgize for your inconvenience. Here is how the knowledge-base article reads:

    Check and confirm if this problem happens globally in windows.
    Also, do check if the problem is persisting on another machine as well.

    We’d suggest that you send the mouse back to the retailer to get an exchange where possible.

    If you are not able to send it back, we can also manually process an exchange for you.
    Send in a ticket with the below details clearly describing your problem.

  • Mike

    What about the DB razerguy? Do you guys have a solution for that product as well? thx

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    As i understand it this problem has been corrected in recent DB mice, however if anyone has one with this problem and it is within the 24 month warranty period the same exchange policy applies.

    I don’t mind providing this type of information to customers directly on a 1v1 basis, however a weblog is really not the place for support related comments/questions/problems. You can either email me direct at razerguy@razerzone.com or contact customer service through the Razerzone support page.

  • Marek H.

    Same problem here, about half year old CH, now freezing randomly in games / windows for second or more, sometime disconnects / recconect completely, or disconnects until i unplug / replug usb coord. This is extremely annoying! I am going mad. That mice costed me 1/4 of sallary, now what, only way there is to exchange it? Very nice solution. I’m getting hard to believe that Razer don’t know what problem is with thier mices, they just simply don’t talk about it publicly, of course. Thanx for all

  • Joe

    Same problem here, had mine about 4 months, started doing it about 2 months ago. Only reason i haven’t returned for an exchange is that i was hoping that they would release a driver update/firmware update that would fix this. :\ But from what I hear from this peeps, it seems to be a hardware problem. Don’t know if i’ll buy another razer in the future.

  • http://www.razerzone.com Razerguy

    Okay guys, once again, this blog is not designed to handle customer support issues. Please write me direct or contact our online support team. Much appreciated.

  • starkasm of cod2

    Ya dude, I have had the same problem with my mouse!!!! Mine is 3 months old as a gift and no receipt! This will be my second Razer CH. The first one my dog chewed… yay This one was replaced by my sister and I don’t have another 70 bucks on me to replace this mouse.

    If Razer does not help me in replacing this mouse, I will buy Logitech. Have 2 people on my CAL team with logitechs and they seem happy, but I tell them that Razer is better all around. I hope customer support can back me up on this.

    e-mail: twd@comcast.net if anyone has a fix. (also I bought the USB adapter to see if it was the prob, and still no luck)

  • PussyCat

    Did anyone find solution for this disconnecting/reconnecting shit with copperhead?
    Omfg im getting so annoyeeeed with this, cant play a shit :s
    If anyone has a solution pls send me an email to skynet_terminators@hotmail.com

  • Novocain

    ive had my razer for 19 days now its started ti act up on the 15th day with these disconnects and reconnects…… 1 day overdue to the stores exchange policy, seriously wtf is the problem with your mice this is the 2nd diamondback ive had and its the 2nd 1 to do this.

  • Gamer77

    I to have the same issue, just emailed the razerguy. It is frustrating when I am trying to play FPS games and get shot or can’t shoot due to this. VERY FRUSTRATING. Well hope I get to send mine in for replacement.

  • myrkat

    I don’t remember when I bought my CH – maybe around late winter / early spring 2007; but recently it has been doing the disconnect/reconnect. I’ve switched ports, and it still does it.

    For Razor to claim the 200mA vs. 100mA reasoning – all I have to say is: that would only be the case if it had the disconnect/reconnect issue right out of the box and was consistant. Working perfectly for 4-8 months and THEN having a problem smacks of either a driver conflict (something somewhere was updated) or (more likely) a hardware issue (i.e. cheap wiring / poor QC).

    I’ll try the reset button trick as posted above, but if the issue persists, I will simply move on to another mouse and inform anyone and everyone I can – wherever I can – to avoid Razor products like the plague.

    Maybe I’ll open up the unit and examine the connections and quality of wires. Seems that is likely what they do when they ship out a “replacement” – if this is the case, it is very disappointing that Razor doesn’t just come out with a more technical HOW-TO and prevent this from happening in future products.

    Judging by the various posts on this, it seems to be a consistant issue with Razor and has yet to be addressed. Is this a 20% QC failure sneaking through? Was there a bad batch of wire used on a few production runs? Is the error repeated ever year or so?

    A little honesty would go a long way with me (and others, I am sure).


  • myrkat

    I downloaded the latest (6.20?) firmware, but when I go to update it using the Razor Config program, it has me 1) Unplug the mouse, 2) press & hold reset button (on bottom), then 3) plug in mouse & unpress the reset button.

    That’s fine, but I have no mouse to move to click the “OK” button – I used the arrow keys to move around, but with no indication of which button I was on, it took some trial-and-error to get the “OK”. Then it did not want to update, giving some error. I currently have the 6.18(?) firmware. Windows tries to install a “Freescale USB JW32 ICP Device” and fails.

    I usually just unplug/replug without pressing/holding the reset and it just comes in as a mouse, but when I run the Razor (Synapse Configurator) it says there is no mouse connected and cannot find it.

    So I suppose I am using it in default “dummy” mode – and I still get the disconnect/connect issues.

    I’m happily spreading the word to friends and collegues to avoid Razor products (even the Habu, as I doubt Microsoft would add any quality to anything).


  • MuStArD

    Same problem, Diamondback keeps freezing. Very frustraiting to say the least.

  • JP

    For people having the disconnect/reconnect problem:

    If while the mouse is stopped this doesn’t happen, try to move around just the cable and see if there is a specific point where this happens.
    If there is then probably the cable is broken in that point.
    I did this with mine and it was right near the mouse.
    With a little skills or asking someone who knows electronics you can cut the damaged part and rewire the cable. If you need to open it there is a disassembly guide here:
    I found that a lighter is the best way to skin the tiny cables inside the main cable.
    This solution is obviously a last resource.
    Good luck

  • Dois

    So yeah… I’m having the same problem of course.

    So Razerguy… Can you at least tell us whats the cause of all this? Replacing the mouse for us is good of course but what if it happens again? (And the problem does happen again a lot from what I see up there)


    I’ve also submitted a ticket a few days ago and I still haven’t gotten a reply.

  • Dois

    Sorry, I did get a reply. Was in the “junk” folder. Apologies. But still, the problem is annoying…

  • Mug

    Yes i too have the same problem, I have had my copperhead for 2 years now and it has been connecting/disconnecting randomly for months now, more while in game or high stress applications but also DCs during web browsing. Grrrr!! Very annoying problem, only just found it was a common one now. Oh well warranty is out, I won it anyway. So might get another if razer can garuntee that it will perform! Tell me razerguy, tell me that my new copperhead will be flawless and youl have a customer for life!
    Otherwise I’ll have to buy a nsaty logitech or worse again MS, But the trust laser mouse i have works flawlessly! FIX these problems razer or the gamers will not be happy

  • funkyMonkey

    Same problem here…
    I bought an usb hub with external power supply. I didn’t solve the problem, but the disconnects are less often.

  • Nath

    I have the same problem. I am going to buy a new one, and then return the old one the next day as if it were the one I bought.

  • 3lectro

    wtf, it’s almost 2years ppl complaining about disconnect/reconnect problem !!! , i’ve got the same problem after 5 months i bought my CH

  • Marco

    It is the cable connected to the mouse itself. If you wiggle the cable or bend it you will see that the mouse will literally lose power and you will hear/see the typical disconnect/reconnect. I have sent back 2 razer diamondback’s with this problem. It works great for the first few months but after some intense gaming the problems come back. I am on my third mouse and this problem has hit me again (starting today). I think the connections inside may become loose or worn out. I never took it apart to inspect myself. I love Razer but am seriously debating on changing. Nothing worse then being in a match and having an epic mouse fail and for $100 you wouldn’t expect wiring to be an issue. However, if the problem doesn’t get fixed I’ll just continually send my mouse back. A new mouse every few months doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  • Daniel

    I came up this blog by googling the problem. After 1 year, my DB experienced the disconnect/reconnect problem. I decided to replace it with a new CH. Well, after 6 months, same exact problem. As much as I love Razer, it pretty much kills any incentive to purchase this product.

  • Gael

    Same problem as everyone else. Connect/disconnect, on games and in windows. Makes the puter unusable. Flashy mouse, but not so great reliability.

  • Wilson

    wow, i don’t even know what to say. after all those disconnects/reconnects, i’ve always thought it was my computer or something. i’m glad to see i’m not alone on this problem and it is just a faulty wire.

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