Prepare 4 battle with the new BF4 Razer Gaming Peripherals

Prepare 4 Battle with the new Battlefield 4™ Razer Gaming Peripherals specially designed for the revolutionary next-gen FPS from EA Dice.

Obliterate your opponents through deadly precision from the BF4 Razer Taipan gaming mouse and Razer Destructor 2 gaming mat. Outmaneuver and stay steps ahead of the competition with the tactile BF4 Razer BlackWidow gaming keyboard and with the Razer BlackShark gaming headset that delivers accurate and crystal clear audio.

Equip yourself with the Battlefield 4™ Razer Gaming Peripherals and dominate the battlefield where it takes you, be it land, air or sea. Shipping on October 8, sign up to be notified on the RazerStore now: www.razerzone.com/battlefield4

Get the complete 7.1 surround sound gaming experience with the Razer Kraken 7.1 USB gaming headset.

Featuring an advanced, highly customizable sound engine – tweak and adjust the individual positioning of each surround sound channel, boost bass levels and even balance incoming voice audio for a precise and immersive aural experience on the Razer Kraken 7.1.

Command and coordinate the perfect assault with crystal clear clarity through the enhanced omnidirectional digital microphone – built in with an optimized algorithm to deliver better frequency response, sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio than a standard analog microphone.

Unleash the power of 7.1 surround audio with the new Razer Kraken 7.1 USB gaming headset: www.razerzone.com/kraken71

The new Razer Tartarus gaming keypad

Grasp victory and assert dominance with the new Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad. The successor to the fan-favorite and award-winning Razer Nostromo, the Razer Tartarus features an improved ergonomic form-factor with an adjustable wrist pad. Out-maneuver and out-game your opponents through expert keybindings placed across 25 programmable membrane keys (including the 8-way directional thumb pad) with full anti-ghosting.

The thumb pad that allows for precise movement also doubles up as a key modifier that effectively eightfolds your keyset count to provide 128 command options. Break the scales of balance with unlimited macro lengths and game profiles with on-the-fly switching between 8 key maps.

Now Available: www.razerzone.com/tartarus

Get Imba with the new Razer Naga

We’ve helped countless gamers Get Imba with the Razer Naga, and today, we’re pleased to announce the latest iteration of the world’s all-time, best-selling MMO gaming mouse.

Sling spells faster than before with Razer Naga’s iconic 12-button thumb grid, now outfitted with mechanical switches for increased tactility and responsiveness. With more pronounced buttons on the thumb grid for quick and accurate blind-finding, never drop your chain of attacks again.

The new Razer Naga also features an improved ergonomic form factor – with a broader shape for better comfort and fit to a wider range of hand profiles. Southpaw gamers will not need to wait any longer as the much-anticipated Left-handed Razer Naga will also be available on launch.

Get Imba on a whole new level with the new Razer Naga, now available: www.razerzone.com/naga.

Meet the new Razer Hammerhead Pro

Go with the bass in the new Razer Hammerhead Pro and Razer Hammerhead in-ear gaming headsets.

Machined out of aircraft-grade aluminium, the Razer Hammerhead has sonically optimized acoustic chambers that improve aural resonance while keeping the earpiece light and durable. Interchangeable ear-tips let you find the perfect fit and sound isolation for long hours of uninterrupted gaming, with the Razer Hammerhead Pro sporting an additional omni-directional microphone & in-line remote for convenient voice communication.

Hammering in the bass with the new Razer Hammerhead Pro, now available: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-hammerhead-pro

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